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Happy Thanksgiving - US track and trace plans signed into law

28-Nov-2013 - The US FDA has started work on a national track and trace system for pharmaceuticals after President Barack Obama signed the Drug Quality and Safety Act into law last night.

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AstraZeneca talks benefits of 'lean' at Södertälje inhaler plant

28-Nov-2013 - AstraZeneca was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the world to adopt Toyota's 'lean manufacturing' methods. visited the firm's plant in Södertälje  to find out what impact this way...

360 jobs to go as global manufacturing review trims Actavis' network

27-Nov-2013 - Actavis says it is restructuring a Californian manufacturing facility at a cost of 56 jobs weeks after the announced closure of a plant in North Carolina.

Wockhardt's woes continue with another US FDA import alert

27-Nov-2013 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has hit Wockhardt with a second import alert this year, this time at its Chikalthana, India facility.

Hikma latest to ink long-term prefilled deal with 'ambitious' Unilife

26-Nov-2013 - Unilife has signed a $40m long-term supply agreement with Hikma and says it is committed to becoming the world’s largest and most successful injectable drug delivery systems supplier.

Novo Nordisk and Roche' insulin pump collaboration gets EU thumbs up

26-Nov-2013 - Novo Nordisk has teamed up with Roche to launch a prefilled cartridge for insulin pump users and says the system offers advantages over injections.


Over-capacity and patent loss sees Pfizer & Merck shutter Puerto Rico plants

25-Nov-2013 - Pfizer says it intends to shutter a manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico just days after Merck & Co. announced it was reducing its footprint on the island.

Particle Sciences wins BHR nasal progesterone contract

25-Nov-2013 - Particle Sciences has been tasked with creating a nasal formulation of the steroid hormone progesterone that can be used to treat patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury.

People - New Head of Research for AZ's MedImmune, plus Pfizer news

25-Nov-2013 - New appointments at AstraZeneca offshoot MedImmune, Pfizer and Immunocore in this week's in-Pharmatechnologist's People on the Move.

GSK continues investment in UK, with £25m API plant expansion

25-Nov-2013 - A £25m (€40.5m) investment at an API facility in Scotland will allow GSK closer control over its manufacturing network efficiency, the firm says.

Merck Serono: new plant to make drugs deemed essential by China

25-Nov-2013 - Merck Serono has announced plans to build an $80m plant for the production of diabetes and cardiovascular drugs in China.

High energy costs hurting competitiveness say UK pharma and chem firms

21-Nov-2013 - The high cost of energy in the UK is having a negative impact on drug and chemical firms' ability to compete according to manufacturers quizzed by the Chemical Industries Association...

Aptar launches biologics focused auto-injector

21-Nov-2013 - Aptar Pharma has launched a new auto-injector technology as part of a strategic effort to build its presence in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Lilly invests across all insulin sites in prep for diabetes epidemic

20-Nov-2013 - Eli Lilly is investing over $700m (€518m) at a number of its insulin producing sites globally saying it is a response to the “growing diabetes epidemic.” 


DSM plans to merge pharma business with Patheon

19-Nov-2013 - Royal DSM wants to merge its pharmaceutical products business with Patheon and has signed a deal with the latter's owner, investment group JLL Partners.

US set for track and trace after Senate passes quality and security Bill

19-Nov-2013 - US authorities will soon have a new system capable of tracking drugs from the factory floor to the pharmacy shelf after the Senate passed the “Drug Quality and Security Bill”...

IFPMA wants regulatory harmonisation in South America

19-Nov-2013 - An industry group has called for greater regulatory harmonization in South America, arguing that both the drug industry and patients would benefit.

US Senate to decide on track and trace today

18-Nov-2013 - US Senators will debate pharmaceutical track and trace legislation later today in a session that could have a dramatic impact on how drug supply chains in the country are monitored.

Zoladex's complexity leads to $190m investment in UK facility for AZ

18-Nov-2013 - AstraZeneca says it would never outsource the manufacture of Zoladex after announcing plans to invest £120m ($190m) in a fifth production facility for the blockbuster cancer drug.

GSK plans new Indian plant after wholesalers protesting DPCO stop buying

18-Nov-2013 - GSK has announced plans for a new manufacturing plant to "bring more medicines to the people of India" weeks after revealing that some drug wholesalers in the country have stopped buying...

Dispatches from AAPS

GEA: 'Start of the end' of batch manufacturing as firm teams with US FDA

13-Nov-2013 - The US FDA is working with GEA to validate continuous manufacturing as the pharma industry enters “the start of the end” for batch manufacturing, according to GEA.

Dispatches from AAPS

Non-oral FDCs are beneficial for patients and industry, say experts

13-Nov-2013 - Drug delivery experts say fixed dose combination (FDC) products for non-oral forms can benefit both the manufacturer and the patient.

Dispatches from AAPS

Spray drying often most applicable in bioavailability challenge, says Bend

12-Nov-2013 - There are multiple ways to make amorphous dispersions in order to enhance bioavailability but spray dry dispersion (SDD) is often the most applicable, Bend Research says.

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EU API shortages avoided so far… thanks to stockpiling

12-Nov-2013 - Concerns recently introduced import laws would cause EU-wide API shortages now appear unfounded, but European industry groups say the buffering effects of stockpiling mean it is still too early to...

Dispatches from AAPS

"Like I said, it's complicated" drug-food interactions discussed at AAPS

12-Nov-2013 - Understanding how a drug will interact with food is vital even if predicting it accurately during development can be a challenge according to speakers at AAPS yesterday.

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