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GSK investing $60m in greener manufacturing at Singapore amoxicillin plant

GSK is investing £38m ($60m) in enzymatic manufacturing at an antibiotic facility in Singapore which the firm says is greener and more efficient than traditional approaches.

Biogen looks to build $1.1bn manufacturing plant in Switzerland

Biotech company Biogen plans to invest one billion Swiss francs ($1.1bn) in Solothurn, Switzerland to build a new production plant that will create about 400 new jobs beginning in 2019.

US FDA extends track-and-trace deadline for pharmacies

The US FDA says has granted a four month amnesty to pharmacies which do not comply with new track-and-trace regulations that come into force today.

New logo will help patients tell legit EU web pharmacies from illegal sites says EC

Europeans who want to fund organised crime can now do so more easily by buying meds from web pharmacies that lack a new logo launched by the EC to stop the sale of fakes online.

Sequenom case leaves pharma confused over patent law

US IP rules and a string of recent court cases are reducing the types of inventions pharma companies can patent, and “calling into question entire portfolios,” says a specialist lawyer. 

ICH clarifies Q7 guidance on API GMP manufacturing

In response to a flood of requests over uncertainties regarding ICH Q7 guidance, the international consortium recently released a question and answer (Q&A) document intended help companies implement appropriate GMPs (good manufacturing practices) at all stages of the API supply chain.

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