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Abivax's IPO to fund HIV and hep B pipeline before potential Big Pharma deal

In France’s largest ever biotech IPO, Abivax has raised €58m ($64m) to continue developing its HIV and Hep B candidates.

Miracle cures and ‘hot motorbikes’ or black market meds and empty shelves: Pharma in North Korea

Even if claims about Kumdang-2 are real, access to the drug and other meds in North Korea is limited to those who can pay black market prices according to a UK-based defector.

Israel, Brazil added to list of countries with API GMP standards equivalent to EU

The European Commission last week officially added Israel and Brazil to a list of countries outside the EU that have standards of manufacture and supervision of APIs equivalent to those of the EU. 

GMP assessments should consider environmental impact say campaigners

A group calling for GMP assessments to consider the environmental impact of API production says pollution generated by suppliers in China is furthering the spread of resistant superbugs.

Canadian manufacturer hit with warning letter over cross-contamination issues

Toronto-based Attix Pharmaceuticals has received a US FDA warning letter after an inspection from November and a lack of corrective actions in the company’s response to the FDA.


Pharma appointments: who's going places in July

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