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UK scientists discover key poppy alkaloid production enzyme

GSK and UK academics claim a newly identified enzyme is the missing link in the mechanism poppies use to make painkilling alkaloids and the candidate anticancer compound noscapine.

'Outperform' Perrigo better off without Mylan, says analyst report

The proposed Perrigo merger with Mylan would be of no benefit to either firm in the “highly competitive” OTC sector, according to financial analysts BMO.

ICH clarifies Q7 guidance on API GMP manufacturing

In response to a flood of requests over uncertainties regarding ICH Q7 guidance, the international consortium recently released a question and answer (Q&A) document intended help companies implement appropriate GMPs (good manufacturing practices) at all stages of the API supply chain.

Teva pays $35m upfront for implantable drug delivery device partnership

Generic juggernaut Teva Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Microchips Biotech to use its implantable drug delivery device to improve outcomes for patients on chronic drug therapies.

Chin up: Allergan looks to fat-busting drug with $2.1bn Kythera deal

Allergan is set to acquire Kythera Biopharmaceuticals for $2.1bn (€1.9bn) and add the recently approved injectable ‘double-chin’ drug Kybella to its facial aesthetics portfolio.

Health Canada asks importers to quarantine Polydrug APIs over data concerns

Canada has asked importers to quarantine APIs made by India’s Polydrug Laboratories over concerns about its manufacturing plant in Ambarnath in Maharashtra.

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