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Needle in a haystack? Anti-vaxx pins may have adverse consequences

Persuasive anti-vaxx posts on social media may stop parents vaccinating their kids say researchers.

Scinopharm escapes Taiwan earthquake unscathed; API operations unaffected

Scinopharm has confirmed that its API manufacturing facility in Tainan was not damaged by the earthquake that struck Taiwan last week.

Shasun takes ‘Strides’ in Africa and Aus through double acquisition

Indian drugmaker Strides Shasun has bolstered its generics manufacturing network by acquiring stakes in Kenya’s Universal Corporation and Australia’s Generic Partners Holdings.

Waco hopeful for possible Allergan expansion

On the heels of a new study , which found that Allergan's Waco operations generated an economic impact of $263m on the area’s income, the city is hoping for new expansion.

Chemical distribution trade group opens door to manufacturers

A newly established trade group has invited chemical manufacturers to apply for membership and announced plans to look at API and pharma-related issues.

Mafia behind most EU pharma cargo theft: €30m worth of drugs stolen each year says expert

The Mafia is responsible for most pharmaceutical cargo thefts in Europe according to a researcher who says €30m worth of drugs are stolen each year.

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