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Bioavailability Challenge

Bioavailability Challenge

Drug industry demand for ways of improving drug bioavailability is increasing as industry development pipelines fill with BCS Class II and IV compounds.

New spray-dryer to handle 20kg batches, as Juniper responds to solubility demand

10-May-2016 - Juniper Pharma Services will up its solubility enhancement capabilities through the addition of a new spray-dryer at its site in Nottingham, UK.

Capsugel: Pulmatrix deal brings us to ‘the forefront of inhalation delivery’

18-Feb-2016 - Capsugel has come on leaps-and-bounds since it was spun-out from Pfizer, the firm says as it inks a deal with Pulmatrix to develop inhaled therapeutics.

MannKind sheds light on new $100m inhaled formulation partner

04-Feb-2016 - MannKind has spoken about Receptor Life Science, a newly-formed company which last month licensed the Technosphere inhaled delivery platform from the struggling firm.

Catalent continues to scout acquisitions and licensing in 2016

25-Jan-2016 - Catalent will pursue strategic acquisitions and licensing in 2016, said VP Marketing & Strategy Elliott Berger, noting growth areas include complex delivery technologies and specialised logistics.

‘Smart wound dressing’ delivers drugs on-demand

05-Jan-2016 - MIT engineers have designed a new hydrogel material that can incorporate temperature sensors, LED lights, and other electronics – in addition to drug-delivering reservoirs.

Capsugel double acquisition bolsters dosage forms business

17-Dec-2015 - The addition of Xcelience and Powdersize will strengthen Capsugel's position in the dosage forms solutions market, according to the company.

Oramed inks China licensing deal for oral insulin candidate

30-Nov-2015 - Hefei will manufacture the API for Oramed's oral insulin tablet as part of a potential $50m licensing deal in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Manganese-based catalyst to offer cost-effective drug properties enhancement

04-Nov-2015 - A manganese-based catalyst invented by chemists in Illinois could transform the solubility of drug candidates and improve their therapeutic properties.

Conventional wisdom yields conventional outcomes, says 'Brilliant' drug delivery professor

06-Oct-2015 - In an exclusive Q&A, nanoparticle pioneer Kathryn Whitehead wishes industry would invest more in delivery vehicles and predicts Alnylam will be first to commercialise an siRNA therapeutic.

Supersonic spray will transform bioavailability, says BASF

15-Sep-2015 - BASF is developing extra-soluble nanoparticles for better drug delivery using faster-than-sound technology.

AstraZeneca signs dendrimer drug delivery deal with Australian tech firm

07-Sep-2015 - AstraZeneca has licensed Starpharma’s Dendrimer Drug Delivery (DEP) platform to enhance the pharmaceutical properties in candidates in its oncology pipeline.

Novo Nordisk to pump $2bn into diabetes network on back of oral GLP-1 milestone

27-Aug-2015 - Novo Nordisk could spend up to $2bn (€1.8bn) on two facilities to support its diabetes portfolio, including an oral long-acting GLP-1 analogue set to enter Phase III trials.

FDA approves first 3D-printed drug

04-Aug-2015 - A private Pennsylvania company says it has made the first 3D-printed drug to be approved by the US FDA.

Echo's cannabis API delivery formulation could aid low solubility drugs

30-Jul-2015 - A drug delivery platform which increased the bioavailability of a cannabis-based drug candidate 30% could be used to boost solubility of other APIs, says Echo Pharmaceuticals.

Hovione upping spray drying capacity to support rise in low solubility drugs

08-Jul-2015 - A new unit will up Hovione’s spray drying capacity 20% as it predicts a surge in demand for such a service in overcoming drug solubility issues.

Capsugel completes $25m SDD expansion at Bend site

02-Jul-2015 - Capsugel has pledged to continue investing internally in drug delivery R&D after completing construction of a spray-dried dispersion (SDD) commercial manufacturing site in Oregon.

Afrezza's launch a boost for alternate insulin delivery R&D, says Oramed

02-Jun-2015 - There is still demand for alternative to injection for insulin despite the subdued launch of Sanofi’s Afrezza, Oramed says as it pushes forward with its oral candidate.

Pharmatek bulks out spray dried dispersion services

20-May-2015 - CDMO Pharmatek has expanded its bioavailability services on the back of client demands, installing new spray dried dispersion equipment.

EMA: clinical data may not be needed for topical comparisons

13-May-2015 - The EMA (European Medicines Agency) is changing the way it assesses quality of topical drugs for marketing authorisations.

Catalent to offer integrated services in Germany through softgel expansion

27-Jan-2015 - A coating and packaging expansion at a facility in Germany will feed the demand for end-to-end softgel services, Catalent Pharma Solutions says.

Capsugel buys ionic liquid tech IP to enhance lipid-based drug solubility

12-Jan-2015 - Capsugel has acquired a technology platform which uses ionic liquids to enhance the solubility of lipid-based drug delivery systems.

Oral influenza vaccine one step closer, says Vaxart

22-Oct-2014 - A seasonal flu vaccine taken in the form of an oral solid dose has been found comparable to currently available jabs, according to data presented by developer Vaxart.

Roche's oral octreotide pull-out no risk for Capsugel, says Chiasma

12-Aug-2014 - Chiasma says a scale-up manufacturing agreement with Capsugel will be unaffected despite Roche pulling out of a commercialisation contract for its oral peptide drug octreotide acetate.

New nanotech excipient offers cheaper solubility option say scientists

22-Jul-2014 - Scientists in Sweden have developed a magnesium carbonate-based excipient they claim is a low-cost nanotech alternative to silica for drugmakers struggling to formulate insoluble APIs.

Capsugel: New bioavailability enhancing capacity to fufill non-GMP demand

05-Jun-2014 - Capsugel has installed a commercial-scale dryer in its recently acquired Bend Research R&D facility, citing a rise in demand for non-GMP spray dried dispersion (SDD) services.

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