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Tianyin completes new Jiangchuan macrolide facility

31-Jan-2011 - Tianyin Pharmaceutical has completed the construction of its Jiangchuan macrolide facility (JCM) near Chengdu, China.

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Arena to cut staff to focus on Lorcaserin approval efforts

31-Jan-2011 - Arena Pharmaceutical will cut its workforce by 25 per cent as it refocuses to try and win US approval for its weight management drug Lorcaserin.

Solid-state training to advance China beyond API infancy

31-Jan-2011 - Crystal Pharmatech is to provide solid-state characterisation training in China to advance local API and drug development beyond its “infancy phase”.

S&D Group calls for ban on “export of death”

31-Jan-2011 - The European Parliament’s Socialist and Democrats (S&D) group wants to ban the export of drugs used to execute death row inmates.

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Mitsubishi Tanabe recalls some drug batches on quality concerns

27-Jan-2011 - Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma has recalled three lots of injected drugs made at its plant in Ashikaga, Japan after “some aspects of [quality] testing were inadequate.”

Elan chops 130 jobs but keeps private jet

27-Jan-2011 - Irish drugmaker Elan has confirmed that it has axed 130 jobs, reducing its workforce by 10 per cent.

SurModics' pharma biz sees revenue fall in Q1 2011

27-Jan-2011 - SurModics is still considering “strategic alternatives” for its pharmaceutical business, which has seen revenues continue to decline in the first quarter of 2011.

Medisafe developing barcode tech to tackle counterfeits

27-Jan-2011 - Medisafe 1 Technologies is to enter the pharma anti-counterfeiting sector through development of a barcode system.

Oystar sells Brazilian unit to Masipack

27-Jan-2011 - Oystar has sold its Brazilian unit, Oystar Fabrima, to Sao Paulo-headquartered firm Masipack in an effort to focus its business on country’s the primary and secondary packaging markets.

Abbott to cut 1,900 commercial & manufacturing jobs in US

27-Jan-2011 - Abbott Laboratories is to cut 1,900 US commercial and manufacturing jobs in response to healthcare reform and tough regulators.

Big pharma reacts to Putin’s warning by increasing Russian manufacturing

26-Jan-2011 - GSK and Teva will invest in Russian drug manufacturing in response to PM Vladimir Putin’s warning that Pharmas will face restrictions if they fail to boost local production and transfer...

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PsiOxus Therapeutics sees industry demand for oncolytic vaccines

26-Jan-2011 - PsiOxus Therapeutics has predicted growing demand for oncolytic vaccines, citing recent industry acquisitions as evidence of the need for novel treatments for cancer.

Pharmsynthez buys Kevelt to grow in Europe

26-Jan-2011 - Russian drugmaker Pharmsynthez has bought Estonian manufacturer Kevelt in a bid to expand its international business.

A new job for former FDA chief and Catalent packaging appointments – People on the move

26-Jan-2011 - in-PharmaTechnologist presents its latest round up of movements in the pharma sector, including a new job for former FDA chief and Catalent packaging appointments.

Weak anti-counterfeiting slowing ASEAN harmonisation

26-Jan-2011 - Failure to reduce counterfeiting is one of a number of issues slowing healthcare regulation harmonisation in ASEAN.

Affygility launches EHS-focused smartphone app

Affygility launches EHS-focused smartphone app

25-Jan-2011 - Affygility Solutions has launched a new smartphone app designed to let life science EHS’ to access compliance requirements in real-team.

Hospira kills production of death-row drug, Pentothal

25-Jan-2011 - Hospira has confirmed it will no longer make Pentothal - an anaesthetic used in lethal injections – as the company “never condoned” its use in executions.

Baxter halts PD production at Castlebar to investigate contamination

25-Jan-2011 - Baxter has shut down a production area at its plant in Castlebar, Ireland, telling the EMA it cannot guarantee peritoneal dialysis (PD) solutions made there are free of endotoxin contamination.

Torrent investing in capacity to support international expansion

25-Jan-2011 - Torrent Pharma has begun construction of $75m API and formulation facilities in India to support its international expansion programme.

Dramatic lack of planning harming pandemic preparation

25-Jan-2011 - There is a dramatic lack of planning for the production and distribution of medical pandemic countermeasures, according to an OECD report.

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One killed and two injured during cleaning ops at Baxter plant

24-Jan-2011 - One employee has died and two have been injured after an incident at Baxter International’s manufacturing facility in Atwater, California last weekend.

FDA wants limits on bead size in “sprinkle delivery” drugs

24-Jan-2011 - The US FDA has suggested pharmaceutical firms use a maximum bead size of 2.0mm for modified-release drugs formulated for “sprinkle” delivery to avoid problems resulting from inadvertent chewing.

Genzyme to build new Belgium manufacturing plant

24-Jan-2011 - Genzyme will build a second manufacturing plant in Geel, Belgium to ensure it has the capacity to meet demand for its Pompe disease drugs Myozyme and Lumizyme.

Amrutanjan & Austin form clinical trial material venture

24-Jan-2011 - Amrutanjan and Austin Chemical are establishing a joint venture to market Indian-produced clinical trial materials.

Dreamboat sinks MannKind’s latest US Afrezza effort

20-Jan-2011 - The US FDA has rejected MannKind’s inhaled insulin Afrezza and called for more clinical trials to prove the product’s “Dreamboat” delivery tech is comparable to the MedTone device used in...

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