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Lonza bridges manufacturing gap at Visp


Swiss chemicals group Lonza has said that a new small-scale production plant at its Visp site will come on stream in July and will enable the company to expand its offerings in the area of exclusive chemical manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

The plant is designed for the production of quantities from 10kg to 150kg and, according to Lonza, closes the gap between the firm's production capabilities for laboratory use and commercial-scale manufacture, allowing it "to support the whole life cycle of pharmaceutical products, from preclinical trials to commercial production."

The facility consists of 14 reactors, with volumes in the range of 160 to 250 litres, and has been integrated into the R&D centre of Lonza Exclusive Synthesis and microbial fermentation unit Lonza Biotec at the Visp site.

Meanwhile, Lonza has announced its intention to build a second site for the manufacture of feed-grade quality niacinamide at its site in Guangzhou, China. Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, is a nutrient additive used in food, feed and pharmaceuticals. Lonza has been developing its niacinamide production in China in order to free up capacity at its Visp site.

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