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FDA-list celebrities: Why Mandy Moore is the latest Big Pharma recruit

22-Aug-2017 - Merck & Co has launched a promotional campaign featuring US singer and actress Mandy Moore, which marketing expert John Mack says targets America’s celebrity-obsessed market.  

EMA plans biomarker and drug-matched guidelines

17-Aug-2017 - The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is working on guidelines to help drug firms to develop companion diagnostics in parallel with medicines.

EMA bids to clarify API starting material info pharmas should provide

16-Aug-2017 - The EMA has revised its reflection paper on API starting materials to clarify what information drug firms should provide about their starting materials under ICH Q11.

EMA acts its age: drug development push for older populations

14-Aug-2017 - The European Medicines Agency is encouraging drug makers to formulate and package medicines with the continent’s ageing population in mind.

Germany refuses to renew GMP cert for Dr Reddy's Bachupally FTO 2 plant

10-Aug-2017 - German regulators have not renewed the GMP certificate for Dr Reddy’s manufacturing plant in Bachupally, Hyderabad.

Pfizer pulls lorazepam pills in Japan due to faulty engraving

10-Aug-2017 - Pfizer has recalled a batch of the antidepressant Wypax (lorazepam) in Japan after discovering faults with the engraving on some of the pills.

US FDA warns against PharmaTech LLC-made meds over B.cepacia risk

10-Aug-2017 - The US FDA has warned doctors not to use any liquid drugs made by PharmaTech LLC over renewed concerns they may be contaminated with the bacteria Burkholderia cepacia.

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