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PET resin for UV protection


Voridian, the world's largest supplier of PET resins for packaging, has launched a new PET resin that provides ultraviolet (UV) light protection for products in the pharmaceutical, food and personal care industries.

Vitiva PET PC715, as the material is called, contains a US Food and drug Administration (FDA)-approved UV absorber that protects light-sensitive compounds in custom packaging applications.

"Vitiva PET combines solid UV light protection with superior technical performance while maintaining the crystal optical clarity of PET," said Lavonna Buehrig, Voridian market manager, North America. "Products damaged by UV light can result in reduced consumer appeal and lost sales."

UV light can adversely affect the natural and synthetic pigments and dyes, vitamins, lipids, fatty acids, and flavours found in pharmaceutical products. Voridian claims that containers made from Vitiva PET will block virtually all UV light from 320 to 370 nanometers, whereas standard PET and other packaging materials, such as glass, polypropylene, and polyethylene, allow UV light to pass through the packaging. This can negatively affect product quality and brand integrity.

The UV absorber in Vitiva PET is chemically bound to the polymer chain, which enables bottle manufacturers and brand owners to more easily obtain consistent UV performance, according to the company. This extends product shelf life by protecting against many UV light initiated or catalysed degradation reactions.

Vitiva PET also offers significant processing advantages, according to the firm. The resin is capable of efficient blow-molding output rates and can accommodate a number of bottle production stages. The resin's UV inhibitor produces no plate out on moulds or dryers. Using existing injection-moulding and/or blow-moulding tooling, Vitiva PET requires no extra capital investment in machinery or tooling. It can also be used as a drop-in replacement for standard PET.

Voridian , a division of Eastman Chemical Company, manufactures PET, polyethylene polymers and acetate fibres. The firm is the world's largest supplier of PET packaging. It employs about 3,400 employees in more than 15 countries worldwide and operates eight manufacturing sites in six countries.

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