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Map of India’s bulk drug and formulation facilities

14 commentsBy Nick Taylor , 19-Apr-2010
Last updated on 26-May-2017 at 15:55 GMT2017-05-26T15:55:00Z

in-PharmaTechnologist presents exclusive interactive maps of pharma manufacturing facilities in India, detailing the number of bulk drug and formulation facilities in each region of the country.

India has grown into a major player in the pharma manufacturing sector and the scale and distribution of operations can be seen on the maps below. The maps were put together using 2007 data from the Directory of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Units in India .

Note – since publication some people have questioned the accuracy of the Indian National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) data used in the visualisations (see comment section). in-PharmaTechnologist is currently investigating the accuracy of the data.

Update 2nd June 2010 - the NPPA is in the process of finalising a new census of the Indian pharma industry. in-PharmaTechnologist plans to publish a new map when this becomes available.

Maharashtra is clearly the dominant force in both formulation and bulk drugs which is in keeping with its position as India’s leading industrial estate. Gujarat trails Maharashtra in both bulk drug and formulation but beyond this the situation is more varied.

For example, West Bengal has the third most formulation facilities, 694, but relatively few bulk drugs sites, with seven states having more of these plants. This is visualised on the chart below.

14 comments (Comments are now closed)

@Venky S Rao

Hi Venky,

Thanks for your comments. I have looked at state government websites for information but in general I have reservations about collating data in this manner.

Firstly, I have been unable to find data for every state. More importantly, the criteria used may differ from state-to-state.

Consequently, although the consensus appears to be that the data is flawed, when I created the visualisations I felt there were benefits to using a single source.

Since being alerted to potential flaws in the data I've been looking into the matter. This is ongoing and will hopefully result in information about the methodology of the NPPA and alternative data.

If/when I have this information I'll hopefully produce another article or visualisation.

Thanks again to everyone who has commented - your feedback will hopefully lead to a more comprehensive, accurate data set.


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Posted by Nick Taylor
03 May 2010 | 15h582010-05-03T15:58:21Z


Information presented is incorrect, incomplete and inaccurate. AP followed by Gujarat has the highest number of API and formulation units. You may please cross check the details with the respective state government websites!

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Posted by Venky S Rao
02 May 2010 | 03h062010-05-02T03:06:28Z

In response...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments.

Ross - thanks for taking the time to explain a little about the software.

Peter - glad I, and in-PharmaTechnologist, have helped you discover Tableau.

kvsngupta - we're looking into the validity of the data. To reiterate the figures are from the Indian government and listed on the websites of the Indian NPPA and Department of Pharmaceuticals.

I'm currently looking into the selection criteria used by the NPPA as this seems like a possible reason for the unexpected figures.



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Posted by Nick Taylor
22 April 2010 | 09h142010-04-22T09:14:37Z

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