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Battling Bioavailability? Find Your Solubility Solution at BAC 2013!

18-Mar-2013 - Drug solubility science, technology and solutions will take centre stage at “The Bioavailability Challenge” a free to attend online event is hosting on Wednesday, March 20. 

BASF says Bend Accord Targets Different Chemistries than Dow deal

25-Feb-2013 - Bend Research has partnered with its second chemistry major in six months, teaming up with BASF to develop bioavailability-boosting excipients.

DSM says generics-focused partnering will drive pharma growth

20-Feb-2013 - Royal DSM expects its pharma unit to perform better in 2013 driven by a generics and end-of-lifecycle drug-focused partnership strategy. 

Dow Signs Up Cambrex for Bioavailability Partnership

19-Feb-2013 - Dow has contracted Cambrex to make its solubility enhancing polymer HPMCAS, adding manufacturing clout to its bioavailability-focused collaboration with Bend Research.


Aesica and EmulTech Claim Micro-Encapsulation can Revive Formulation Projects

18-Feb-2013 - Aesica and EmulTech claim a new sterile formulation technology could help drugmakers resurrect abandoned projects and extend the lifespan of marketed medicines.

EpiVax says Novozymes Collaboration has $3bn Potential

13-Feb-2013 - EpiVax says combining its immune 'off switch’ drugs with Novozymes’ half-life boosting Albufuse platform could deliver a $3bn (€2.2bn) section of the autoimmune disease market.

Swedish Body Certifies Bend Research for EU GMP Compliance

11-Feb-2013 - Bend Research says collaboration between the Swedish MPA and the US FDA was the reasoning in pursuing GMP from the European body.

Bioavailability drives Patheon and Catalent investments

04-Feb-2013 - Patheon says expanding its UK facility is necessary in offering its Solupath services to a European and Asian market.

Solvias buys Confarma for EU pharma quality control capacity

04-Feb-2013 - Solvias has bought quality control services firm Confarma, expanding its analytical offering and adding capacity in several EU markets.

Scinopharm starts developing own drugs with eye on API customers

30-Jan-2013 - Taiwanese API maker Scinopharm has taken a first step towards developing its own drug portfolio in partnership with delivery tech firm Foresee Pharmaceuticals.

Find esophageal transit failure hard to swallow? Fuisz says new pill design can help

24-Jan-2013 - Fuisz Pharma says a new tablet design will be of interest to pharma formulators who find esophageal transit failures hard to swallow.

Cost of dissolution testing for levothyroxine a small price to pay for quality says MHRA

23-Jan-2013 - The cost of proposed new tests designed to ensure levothyroxine tablet quality is a small price to pay for manufacturers to ensure patient safety says the UK MHRA.

Bioavailability to drive drug delivery deals in 2013 says analyst

15-Jan-2013 - Demand for improved bioavailability solutions will drive drug delivery dealmaking in 2013 according to a pharmaceutical industry expert.

IDIFarma OKed to make commercial batches of high-potency drugs

14-Jan-2013 - IDIFarma has been cleared to make commercial batches of high potency tablets and hopes the new capability will attract developers of niche drugs and large CMOs. 

US approval for omega-3 suppliers BASF and Chemport key for Amarin in 2013

10-Jan-2013 - Winning US FDA approval for omega-3 API suppliers like BASF and Chemport is a key milestone for Amarin in 2013 according to CEO Joe Zakrzewski.

Arrowhead Research scientists claim RNA delivery bull’s eye

03-Jan-2013 - Scientists from targeted therapeutics firm Arrowhead Research claim a vesicle bursting polymer can overcome siRNA delivery difficulties.

Mitsubishi to buy dominant HPMC capsule maker Qualicaps as gelatin shortages continue

03-Jan-2013 - Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) has announced plans to buy the ‘dominant’ pharma-grade HPMC capsule maker Qualicaps as the global gelatin shortage continues.  

Hovione and Solvias form industry's latest bioavailability-focused accord

28-Nov-2012 - Hovione and Solvias have become the latest suppliers to team on drug solubility and bioavailability services in a new deal announced today.

Merck Millipore to open new bioavailability lab in 2013

27-Nov-2012 - The bioavailability market lacks a leader that can offer comprehensive solutions according to Merck Millipore, which has set its sights on filling the gap through investments and a new lab....

Demand for bioavailability drove spray drying investment says Agere

12-Nov-2012 - Agere Pharmaceuticals has added spray drying to its offering, citing developer demand for bioavailability boosting technologies.

Dispatches from AAPS

Bend Research hunting new partnerships to boost bioavailability offering

17-Oct-2012 - Bend Research is “actively” hunting new partnerships similar to its recent alliance with Dow.

Bend and Dow team on spray-dried dispersion solutions for bioavailability

12-Oct-2012 - Demand for better bioavailability drove another deal this week with Bend Research and Dow teaming up to develop spray drying-based solutions.

CPhI Worldwide 2012: Networking, up-coming countries and bioavailability

08-Oct-2012 - is going to Madrid, Spain to meet API and excipient makers, Biopharma firms, processing tech developers and contract services organisation gathered for one of the drug industry's biggest trade shows....

Deeper than ever bio images thanks to new nanotech

01-Oct-2012 - Drug delivery developers could get a boost from a new nanoparticle that can provide deep-tissue imaging.

Hovione adds particle design capabilities to API offering

27-Sep-2012 - API maker Hovione has added particle design to its drug delivery and formulation development offering citing pharma demand.