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Polypid tech shows promise for antibiotic delivery


Polypid tech shows antibiotic delivery promise

Polypid tech shows antibiotic delivery promise

Polypid says a new version of its lipid-polymer fusion-based technology has shown promise for the delivery of antibiotic in the treatment of bone fractures.

The base technology – also known as Polypid – fuses a lipid-based matrix and a non-biodegradable polymer in which one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) can be held. The release of these actives is determined by the specific formulation of the lipid-polymer carrier matrix.

The new version – BonyPid – combines a filler that provides structural support during bone regrowth with the base PolyPid system programmed to release antibiotic over a prolonged period to prevent infections commonly occur during the healing process.

Announced its intention to take the BonyPid technology into clinical trials earlier this year when it raised $2m (€1.5m).

In a Phase I study the BonyPid system demonstrated a clear, positive signal of effect in bone recovery processes, following its early implantation onto the bone void fractures performed in the first surgical procedure according to the Israel-based firm’s chief technical officer Noam Emanuel.

"The preliminary results clearly demonstrated that BonyPid significantly reduced or prevented bone infection, and facilitated bone recovery. In addition, it enabled one surgical procedure and immediate closure of the open wound in most cases.”

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