Bachem is the leading independent supplier of peptide APIs for the pharmaceutical market. We offer over 90 generic products of which more than 60 are peptides. Our generic APIs are used in the field of cancer, diabetes, obesity, fertility and many more.

Bachem GMP-facilities are located inSwitzerland,Germanyand in theUSA. All GMP sites are registered with and inspected by national authorities such as the FDA and Swissmedic.


Bachem has industrial expertise in the peptide and small molecule APIs.

- development and manufacturing of APIs and HPAPIs, including containment technology for the production of     
   cytotoxic/cytostatic compounds.

- efficient production by solid-phase and solution synthesis of peptides, modified peptides, peptide-mimetics,
   and peptide conjugates in mg-to-kg scale.

- production and release of sterile products for use in approved clinical trials (Clinalfa®​ brand).


Bachem manufactures patent-protected pharmaceutical compounds (NCEs) for diagnostic/therapeutic purposes, exclusively on behalf of biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

We are currently involved in more than 173 cGMP NCE projects and we maintain regulatory support for 150 market approved drugs containing Bachem‘s APIs.

Our non-GMP facility, offering first class custom synthesis services, is located in theUK.


With more than 40 years of experience, Bachem is a strong partner for the most sophisticated peptides and organic compounds and is well prepared to fully support you with the required regulatory documentation (DMFs and CEPs).