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Improving Productivity Through Innovation

Improving Productivity Through Innovation

Information not available | Recorded the 06-Sep-2016 | Webinar

Spray coatings of ethylcellulose for sustained drug release on multi-particulate dosage forms is common in the pharmaceutical industry, but can be disadvantageous...


Amino Acid Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products

SGS Life Science Services | 11-Jul-2016 | Technical / White Paper

Amino Acid Analysis in general can be used for identification testing of biopharmaceutical active ingredients and the determination of impurities and related...

New Organic Coating System to Modulate Drug Release

New Organic Coating System to Modulate Drug Release

Colorcon Inc. | 09-May-2016 | Technical / White Paper

A Colorcon Study, Effect of Coating Weight Gain and Pore-Former Level on Drug Release with a Fully Formulated Ethylcellulose Barrier Membrane Coating System,...

Human study: gelatin & HPMC capsule bioequivalence

Human study: gelatin & HPMC capsule bioequivalence

Capsugel | 04-May-2016 | Technical / White Paper

Rapid and consistent in-vivo drug dissolution is critical for drug absorption. However, in-vitro dissolution results do not always correlate with the in-vivo...


Considerations in Purchasing a LIMS

Abbott Informatics | 27-Apr-2016 | Technical / White Paper

Many scientific enterprises find themselves in need of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to replace an incumbent system, whether an existing...