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Radio Ion Chromatography


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Radio Ion Chromatography

Radio Ion Chromatography

Positron emission tomography (PET) is one of the most powerful noninvasive diagnostic tools for tracing organ functioning. Quality control of the short-lived PET-radiopharmaceuticals is challenging, not least because of the tough time limits, the radiation issue and the near nanomole radiotracer quantities produced. Metrohm`s highly customizable chromatography system copes with the tough requirements of the radiopharmaceutical industry and pharmacopoeial regulations. One single multi-channel radio IC meets the quality control requirements of various production lines. Besides the high quality, the Metrohm IC presented ensures user`s safety, low maintenance costs, and outstanding ruggedness. This poster presents a versatile multi-channel radio IC system that controls the production of the radionuclide [18​F]fluoride (precursor) and the two radiotracers synthesized from it, [18​F]fluorodeoxyglucose and [18​F]fluorocholine, in accordance to pharmacopoeial regulations.

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