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The ex-Ben Venue plant shows no signs of reopening soon - and oncologists are reporting shortages

Still no plans to resume manufacturing at former Ben Venue plant

By Dan Rosenberg

The huge former Ben Venue injectables manufacturing plant in Ohio that became the center of controversy over drug shortages a few years ago remains off line, and the company that now owns the site reiterated this week that it has no plans to resume making...

Teva to Mylan: We will accomplish our 'strong and serious' proposal

UPDATE - Mylan demands a straightforward answer to whether Teva will make a legally binding exchange offer

Teva to Mylan: We will accomplish our 'strong and serious' takeover proposal

By Dan Stanton

Teva has refuted accusations of “meddling” with Mylan’s business in the latest chapter of what one analyst says is a far from friendly, if not hostile takeover attempt.

Teva accused of playing games with Mylan's business strategy

Mylan to Teva: 'Stop meddling in our affairs'

By Dan Stanton

Teva has been accused of "playing games" with Mylan by acquiring a 1.35% stake in the generics firm weeks after having a $40bn (EUR36bn) takeover bid snubbed.