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Bioavailability Challenge 2013

Bioavailability Challenge 2013

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It is a well-established principal that even the most promising API, monoclonal antibody​ ortherapeutic peptide​ can only be turned into an effective and marketable drug if formulated in such a way that it reaches the blood stream and is bioavailable​.

But, while this characteristic – bioavailability​ – has been the focus of lab scientists, clinical researchers​ and process developers’​ efforts for many years, finding the solution that gives a particular drug the desired profile is still a major headache for pharmaceutical firms.

And such difficulties are likely to become a common experience for teams developing new drugs as – increasingly – pharmaceutical company pipelines​ fill with candidates based onbiopharmaceutics classification system​ (BCS) class II​ and IV compounds​.

However, these difficulties are not limited to firms developing new drugs as generic drugmakers also face their own bioavailability challenges​. Strict regulatory requirements onbioequivalence testing​ mean more trials, more analysis and more formulation development work, all of which increase cost and length of time it takes to bring a non-branded product to market.

Similarly, biopharmaceutical firms​ hoping to develop oral delivery​ alternatives for injectable biologics​ will also need to work out how to ensure that their products are bioavailable, safe and effective.

Who should attend?

Our online event will be a forum for regulators​, academics​ and research scientists​ to discuss the development bottlenecks, identify market opportunities and share the innovations that are helping the pharmaceutical industry overcome the Bioavailability Challenge​.