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Anti-Counterfeiting Forum 2015

Anti-Counterfeiting Forum

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Drug counterfeiting: a pharmaceutical industry problem

Counterfeiters rely on two things: poorly secured pharmaceutical supply chains; and the fact people want to pay less for less for drugs.

Most fake erectile dysfunction drugs seized in Europe contain at least some trace of active pharmaceutical ingredient, which means that the criminals who produce them must be able to access the genuine API through poorly secured supply chains.

Similarly, despite warnings and drug industry efforts to inform about the dangers of buying medicines online, people still visit illegal online pharmacies allowing the promise of cheaper drugs without prescription to outweigh rational concerns about safety.

In this roundtable experts will discuss:

- How and why drug counterfeiting happens
- What role the drug industry had had in allowing counterfeiting to take hold
- What European regulators and law enforcement are doing to stop it.
- What industry has to do to prevent fake drugs killing patients.