Neuroderm hopeful for its Phase II Parkinson's medication patch

By Natalie Morrison

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Neuroderm has seen “promising” results in its Phase II clinical trial of a new drug delivery patch to increase the efficacy of Parkinson’s medication.

The Israel-based firm say its carbidopa patch, named ND0611, will improve the bioavailability of the orally-administered Parkinson’s therapy levodopa.

Unlike the traditional oral delivery method – which requires high dosages because the drug is rapidly digested in the body – Neuroderm says that transdermal delivery directly into the bloodstream would be more effective at lower dose levels.

During the trial, researchers found out of the 24 patients who received six treatments, three delivered orally, and three via the patch system, those with a patch showed higher levels of drug in the blood.

If the technology is successful, it could reduce the side effects caused by high doses of levodopa.

Oded Lieberman, NeuroDerm’s chairman and CEO, said: “This first trial in patients is an important step forward in the development of ND0611 as a new treatment alternative for Parkinson’s disease.

“While levodopa has for many years been the leading Parkinson’s disease drug therapy, low oral levodopa bioavailability means that, even under the best current standard of care, advanced Parkinson’s patients suffer from debilitating motor complications.

“If ND0611 is shown to improve oral levodopa’s bioavailability in patients - it should improve the efficacy of oral levodopa treatment and should reduce these motor complications”.

Patching up

The new technology is the latest in a wave of patch systems to hit the market, and is touted by many to be the latest breakthrough in delivery technology.

Recently, in-PharmaTechnologist reported the release of a new HIV-transdermal delivery patch developed by ImQuest biosciences​. Lead researcher Anthony Ham said the device replaces the need for a “cocktail” of medication needed to treat the disease.

Biotech Valertias also recently received the European CE Mark for it’s insulin delivery patch​, which CEO Kristine Peterson said provides an “innovative therapeutic option to the millions of adults who require insulin.”

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