Spencer’s board happy with buyout

- Last updated on GMT

Spencer Pharmaceutical’s board of directors in favour of $0.97 per share buyout offer from anonymous buyer.

Despite valuing its shares at $1.58, Max Arella, President of Spencer Pharmaceutical, said: “The offer is acceptable and shareholders will be provided the opportunity to vote on the offer as per the normal process.”

The offering party said the buyout will be for 100 per cent of the shares and funds will be placed into escrow with a mutual timeline established.

Maintaining the buyer’s confidentiality, Spencer Pharmaceutical is attempting to reassure shareholders that the firm is working in “good faith”.

The offering party is not an American company, said Spencer, and “the cultural differences and language sometimes require more attention.”

The company expects to receive the name, contact information and approval of the offering party before November 25, 2010.

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