BioTools achieves first for media preparator

By Wai Lang Chu

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BioTools Swiss has made available its new media preperator for the
laboratory automation industry, which claims to be the fastest
processor of readily dispensable agar/nutrient medium.

The ProfiClave 10 is able to achieve up to 9 litres of medium within one hour, which is kept readily accessible by the pressure correction feature that adjusts the boiling point relative to ambient pressure, optimising deaeration.

The time-delay and temperature timer functions enable specific agar such as plain or complex vitamin / blood added agar formulations, to be poured at commencement of work and coupled with fast cool down provide increased productivity and convenience.

The ProfiClave 10 user programming capabilities (3 * 20 programs), operating parameter print-out (integrated in front panel), external control functions (front panel connection), best stirring control and full metal housing maintains the agar in any stage of the single or double cycle process.

Used together with one of Biotool Petri dish filling systems, the Proficlave 10 provides the complete solution for professional media preparation.

>BioTool Swiss​, which were formed in May 2004, are making headway in the laboratory instrument sector - a market that is set to progress rapidly, buoyed on by advances in bone marrow transplants, tissue engineering, cellular therapy and gene therapy that are expected to add to the level of demand for media, sera and reagents over the next few years.

The ProfiClave 10 is suitable for all types of laboratory research in particular healthcare/diagnostic labs in the pharma/biotech industry, as well as food research and quality assurance labs.

Agar is widely used in scientific, industrial, and medical laboratories as a "culture medium." for growing microorganisms, such as bacteria, to test for infections - for example, a swab test for strep throat - to test new antibiotics, and to monitor environmental and food contamination, such as E. coli.

Agar is also used in other major growth industries including agriculture, for crop development and improvement, and horticulture, to develop new plant species, and is important to the fields of medical research, biology, life sciences, including human genome research, and other industries.

According to Marine Bioproducts International, the pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental remediation sectors represent the largest markets for biotechnology products and processes, with current sales of $15bn (€12.3bn), expected to more than triple in the next ten years.

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