Parallel purification in the fume cupboard

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Radleys Discovery Technologies, a UK-based specialist in parallel
chemistry, has introduced a platform to speed up the purification
process after synthesis of multiple compounds.

The Carousel Work-Up Station comprises up to a dozen 70ml columns that can be used for filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction or solid phase extraction. A top rack of columns is used for the purification step, with a lower rack carrying 12 corresponding reaction or boiling tubes for sample collection.

In addition, a third rack can be added above the top rack to allow two purification steps to be carried out in sequence.

The Work-Up Station is designed to complement Radleys' Carousel parallel synthesis station, originally designed by researchers at Glaxo Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline). The Carousel system is designed for personal use and can fit into a fume cupboard; it is not intended as a rival to more expensive robotic and semi-automated systems.

The design uses no taps, valves or drip needles, which makes assembly and operation quick and simple, according to Radleys. The separations are conducted under gravity or can be set up with a handheld device, called the SpeedFlow Booster, that can be used to pressurise an individual column to increase the flow rate.

For more information on the Carousel Work-Up Station, visit Radleys website​ or e-mail​.

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