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GE Healthcare scraps arrays

22-Dec-2006 - GE will drop the CodeLink array system in 2007 and close a US-based production facility.

Thermo acquires Cohesive

22-Dec-2006 - Thermo Fisher Scientific has bought Cohesive, an advanced sample extraction and liquid chromatography products manufacturer.

New e-learning tool to train lab analysts

22-Dec-2006 - Analytical laboratory LGC has set up an initiative to develop a new approach to training for analysts working in molecular laboratories, with a novel e-learning tool.

UK gov't lends support to ultrasound spectroscopy R&D

22-Dec-2006 - The UK's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has pledged its support to an ultrasound spectroscopy project conducted by LGC, to evaluate its potential as a Process Analytical Tool (PAT)...

Monoclonal T cell receptors to be used for vaccine validation

20-Dec-2006 - German biotech company MediGene and Sanofi Pasteur have signed a deal to develop new monoclonal T cell receptors that the vaccine maker will use to develop and validate vaccines more...

Injectable antipsychotic drug delivered by Captisol technology

20-Dec-2006 - Specialty pharmaceutical company CyDex has been boosted by the news that an intramuscular injection formulation of schizophrenia drug Abilify, which makes use of its Captisol solubility technology has been launched...

NNE scoops up Fresenius' Pharmaplan

20-Dec-2006 - NNE and Fresenius ProServe yesterday announced they had reached an agreement by which NNE will acquire Fresenius' subsidiary, engineering company Pharmaplan GmbH.

Wyeth kicks off CMO agreement with Crucell

20-Dec-2006 - Crucell yesterday announced it had received the first orders from US-headquartered Wyeth Biotech. The order represents the first move following the finalisation of the contract manufacturing agreement between the two...

More speculation on inhaled insulin market potential

20-Dec-2006 - Innovative, non-invasive new ways of delivering insulin are poised to transform diabetes management, despite concerns about their safety and efficacy, according to new research.

Medichem passes third consecutive FDA plant inspection

19-Dec-2006 - Pharma company Medichem has announced it has passed a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection without any problem for the third consecutive time.

Adenovirus patent awarded to Introgen

19-Dec-2006 - Introgen Therapeutics last week announced that it has been granted a European patent for the commercial production of adenoviral compositions.

Nanoparticles to treat drug overdoses

19-Dec-2006 - Researchers have discovered that using nanotechnology could help reduce fatalities from drug overdoses, as nanoparticles can act as potential antidotes.

Fertin develops battle ready antimicrobial chewing gum

19-Dec-2006 - Medicated chewing gum company Fertin Pharma has announced a collaboration with the US Army Dental Research and Trauma Detachment (USADRT) on the first antimicrobial chewing gum to lower incidences of...

Imaging tech to thwart pill pirates

19-Dec-2006 - A UK based firm aims to take up the fight against drug counterfeiters with its innovative imaging and spectroscopy products. TeraView says its technology could aid regulators and law enforcement...

Solvay deal suggests Novasep's strategy has paid off

18-Dec-2006 - Solvay has contracted Novasep to provide synthesis of two active pharmaceutical ingredients, following Novasep's decision to combine synthesis and processing expertise.

Evolving enzymes - increasing efficiency for drug makers

18-Dec-2006 - The directed evolution of enzymes can lead to more efficient tools for the synthesis of drug molecules.

Patheon limps in with end of year results

18-Dec-2006 - Patheon last week announced its fourth quarter and end of year financial results after a tough year for the contract drug manufacturer.

Dr Reddy's increases its manufacturing capacity

18-Dec-2006 - Dr Reddy's Laboratories has boosted its ability to serve Western pharmaceutical markets with an increase in its manufacturing capacity for drug formulations.

Shire to get European approval for its ulcerative colitis drug

18-Dec-2006 - Pharma company Shire has agreed with European regulators on labelling information for its ulcerative colitis drug Mezavant, a further step in the firm's ambition to capture more of the $1.6bn...

MonoSolRx's thin film drug delivery system attracts investors

18-Dec-2006 - Drug delivery company MonoSolRx has announced it has received a $38m (€29m) funding from an investment group, illustrating the appeal of the company's dissolving film technology.

GreeneChip for faster disease diagnosis

15-Dec-2006 - New technology provides unprecedented opportunities for unbiased pathogen discovery.

The changing face of allergy therapeutics

15-Dec-2006 - Oral immuno-therapies offer a cure, rather than just relief, to millions of hayfever sufferers worldwide.

AQIX liquid preserves tissue life and function

15-Dec-2006 - Synthetic extra-cellular fluid maintains cell function and life while increasing pre-clinical trial reproducibility.

J&J's drug-eluting stents survive FDA scrutiny

14-Dec-2006 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided against restricting the use of drug-eluting cardiac stents after a two-day investigation into their potential to increase blood clots.

Dr Reddy's overcomes formulation challenge to develop 4-in-1 heart pill

14-Dec-2006 - Dr Reddy's Laboratories has started first clinical trials of a "four-in-one" polypill clinical trial, which could revolutionise the cardiovascular drugs market.

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