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Spray insulin war heats up

30-Nov-2005 - Bentley has accelerated the path to launching its novel intranasal spray insulin, signing a license agreement with India's Biocon to develop and market the product in 85 countries throughout Asia,...

Merck slashes 7,000 jobs and shuts manufacturing facilities

30-Nov-2005 - Merck is to cut 7,000 jobs, close five factories and three research facilities, as the US pharmaceutical company continues to suffer from the devastating repercussions caused by its painkiller Vioxx...

Injectables market opening up to China

30-Nov-2005 - Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging will be the first international manufacturer of primary pharmaceutical glass packaging to establish a production site in China, in a move that will increase supply to Chinese...

Hopax expands fine chemical capacity

30-Nov-2005 - Hopax Fine Chemicals is building a new facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in a move to raise current production capacity by five folds and become one of the top providers for...

Lab-based DNA sequence changer tool developed

30-Nov-2005 - Researchers have developed a new laboratory technique, which allows them to change sequences within a DNA molecule. The tool is set to have positive implications in DNA lab-based medical diagnosis...

Lab tool measures egg quality

30-Nov-2005 - A set of laboratory instruments can measure egg quality within minutes,allowing plant managers to save time on the processing line.

Drug dispensing errors closer to eradication

30-Nov-2005 - An automated prescription verification process is proving a valuable tool for the prevention of drug dispensing errors and is now gaining acceptance within the US pharmacy industry.

SemBioSys reports positive plant produced insulin data

29-Nov-2005 - SemBioSys Genetics has demonstrated bio-equivalence of a plant-produced insulin, which if realised, could become a viable alternative to meet the demand for insulin as the incidence of diabetes increases worldwide.

Alcan acquires rest of Propack

28-Nov-2005 - Alcan has acquired the outstanding minority share of Propack in a deal that further cements the company's standing in the Chinese market. The acquisition forms part of a major restructuring...

Accentus crystallisation system world first

28-Nov-2005 - The world's first commercial-scale continuous sonocrystallisation system promises to revolutionise the way crystals are processed in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Direct Capital acquires 51pc of NZ Pharmaceuticals

28-Nov-2005 - Private equity firm, Direct Capital has acquired a shareholding of 51 per cent in New Zealand Pharmaceuticals (NZP). The investment by Direct Capital aims to tap into the growing potential...

Degussa gives boost to EU research

28-Nov-2005 - Degussa is offering new award for scientific innovation within Europe - one of the highest-endowed research awards in the world - with prize money of €100,000.

Novel catalyst process to enhance drug making

28-Nov-2005 - Researchers have developed a new catalyst process that offers faster reaction rates, a substantially higher product yield and a cleaner production process than is currently available in the pharmaceutical and...

Isopak provides capsule filling solution for herbal market

25-Nov-2005 - Isopak have launched a new semi automatic capsule-filling machine that is designed to deal with non-lubricated substances intended for clinical trials, and drug or product development work.

Merck's shock CEO departure reverberates around industry

25-Nov-2005 - Merck has announced that its chairman of the executive board, Bernhard Scheuble is to leave the company, by mutual agreement, in a surprise departure considering the company's performance, especially in...

BASF improves tablet strength

25-Nov-2005 - BASF launched its new dry binder excipient at CPhI, aimed at increasing the hardness of pharmaceutical tablets and reducing the manufacturing costs associated with damaged and broken tablets.

Catalyst creates new opportunities

24-Nov-2005 - Degussa have discovered a catalyst that improves the efficiency of reductive carbonylation reactions and will provide greater access to new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Scientists discover motion protein promotes drug production

24-Nov-2005 - Researchers have shown how protein synthesis is targeted to certain regions of a cell, a process crucial for the cellular motility, which could form a basis for producing a drug...

Sun system strengthens drug counterfeit defense

24-Nov-2005 - Sun Microsystems have strengthened the fight against drug counterfeiting by launching a unique RFID software package tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Rexam enters lucrative US drug packaging market

23-Nov-2005 - Global packaging provider Rexam is expanding its US business, announcing this week that it is set to acquire plastic packaging firm Precise Technology - a move that will expand its...

Patheon dominates contract manufacturing

23-Nov-2005 - Patheon has received the 2005 Contract Manufacturing Company of the Year Award from consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan, in recognition of its customer service and innovative market growth strategies.

Vaccine producers' resources meet pandemic demand.

23-Nov-2005 - The surge in vaccines against influenza has surprised Governments across the world, with the stark admission that demand was unforeseen. Avian flu, which has emerged as a real threat to...

Accentus threat to patented drugs

23-Nov-2005 - New legislation has given UK company Accentus the green light to use its novel predictive crystallisation technology to discover and market variations of patented drugs without infringing the original patent.

GenoID announces breakthrough in HPV testing

23-Nov-2005 - GenoID has announced a breakthrough in human papillomavirus (HPV) testing with the first ever laboratory test kit that uses a real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR) method to detect all...

Wacker's molecule of choice

23-Nov-2005 - Wacker used CPhI Madrid to unveil its new tailor-made molecules, which combines three technology platforms in one, to offer manufacturers the flexibility to choose the most effective and economical pathway...

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