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New Chiron flu vaccine moves forward

31-Oct-2005 - After positive trial results in Europe, Chiron has initiated a US Phase I/II study of a new flu vaccine offering faster production in the event of an vaccine supply shortfall...

Series of product launches for GE Healthcare

31-Oct-2005 - GE Healthcare has recently launched a number of diverse and transformational medical technologies aimed at improving productivity across the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

57 per cent profit jump for Merck Q3

31-Oct-2005 - Merck announced last week a 57 per cent increase in third-quarter net profit, reporting an operating result of €291 million, a 36 per cent increase on last year.

New drug delivery option for reusable devices

31-Oct-2005 - Ampac have developed a novel, lightweight, high-barrier pouch, offering pharmaceutical manufacturers a new option for delivering pulmonary drugs in a more efficient manner than traditional container types.

Utah Medical victory in FDA legal dispute

31-Oct-2005 - A federal US judge set a precedent last week in ruling against the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in a four-year dispute against Utah Medical Products.

FDA extends Exubera review period

28-Oct-2005 - The FDA is to extend its original review period for Exubera (insulin (rDNA origin) powder for oral inhalation) by three months to review additional technical chemistry data submitted by its...

Contract manufacturing boom benefits Penn Pharmaceuticals

28-Oct-2005 - Penn Pharmaceutical Services has reported strong sales figures for the fifth consecutive year, with a key driver of recent growth being attributed to a boom in contract manufacturing as well...

Cryopak announces GlaxoSmithKline packaging deal

28-Oct-2005 - Cryopak Industries has struck a deal to supply GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with insulated containers and internal thermal components for shipping of its temperature sensitive vaccines in Canada.

Biopharma sector hits Cambrex 3Q hard

28-Oct-2005 - Cambrex has recorded a gain in the third quarter of this year, with growth in its Bioproducts and Human Health segments. The company's troublesome BioPharma division continues to underperform, indicative...

Cardinal Health quarterly profit rises

28-Oct-2005 - Cardinal Health reported a varied first quarter, with sales and income receiving substantial gains due to across-the-board improvement in pharmaceutical distribution, medical products and services and clinical technologies.

Companies collaborate in generic injectable deal

26-Oct-2005 - Par Pharmaceuticals has announced a collaboration with MN Pharmaceuticals to develop and market generic versions of injectable pharmaceuticals in which Par enters a new market segment.

Millipore reports lower third-quarter profit

26-Oct-2005 - Millipore, a maker of purification systems used in drug manufacturing, reported lower third-quarter profit due to acquisition-related tax charges and manufacturing consolidation costs.

Leeds Uni and Malvern Instruments launch "IntelliSense"

26-Oct-2005 - Malvern Instruments and Leeds University have formed a long-term partnership to launch 'IntelliSense,' - a programme that will help to deliver the next generation of sensors and control solutions, creating...

CalciTech creates high purity calcium for pharma industry

26-Oct-2005 - A new UK-listed company that has developed a way of producing high purity calcium carbonate is targeting the pharmaceutical industry concerned by growing regulatory pressure on heavy metal contamination.

Equity firm purchases Reilly and Velsicol

26-Oct-2005 - Arsenal Capital Partners has acquired a majority stake in Reilly Industries for €209 million and Velsicol Chemical for an undisclosed fee. The purchases continue a rich vein of activity for...

Melatonergic antidepressant shows favourable efficacy

25-Oct-2005 - The first melatonergic antidepressant to offer a new approach to the treatment of depression is just over the horizon after new data demonstrated positive efficacy with marked improvements in sleep...

Sigma-Aldrich obtains RNAi stake and license

25-Oct-2005 - Benetic has announced the signing of two major agreements, one that grants Sigma-Aldrich license for the use of Benitec's RNAi technology. Sigma's acquisition of an equity stake in Benitec also...

Syntonix, Boehringer enter $63M drug inhalation deal

24-Oct-2005 - The interest in Syntonix' SynFusion and Transceptor technologies intensified as Boehringer Ingelheim became the second pharmaceutical company to use this technology to optimise its therapeutic peptides for inhalation.

Novasep Process launches Supersep Lab 30-50

24-Oct-2005 - Novasep Process launches its latest Supercritical Fluid Chromatography unit, which aims to cut time and operating costs by incorporating an automated CO2 recycling feature making it suitable for purification process...

Researchers 'clean' pharma compounds using catalysts

24-Oct-2005 - Researchers have put forward a unique process for 'cleaning' volatile organic compounds - a process that could have considerable importance to organic compounds that are used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing...

Rutgers breakthrough in environmentally friendly chemicals

24-Oct-2005 - The chemicals industry could be revolutionalised by a new class of environmentally friendly chemicals with the potential to replace the use of hazardous, petroleum-based solvents in laboratories and industrial plants.

Omnichem expands in high-demand API market

24-Oct-2005 - In response to the increasing demand for high potency APIs, Omnichem is increasing its Class V handling capabilities with an expansion of their facility in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

West Pharma's gloomy outlook overshadows 3Q profit

21-Oct-2005 - Drug packaging maker West Pharmaceutical Services release its 3Q results, which indicate a rise in profits but fell short of analyst estimates, due to slow sales in some segments and...

EU project trials oral delivery device

21-Oct-2005 - Trials for an oral drug delivery device that is placed in the mouth next to the patient's teeth, whilst allowing them to eat and speak without impediment, are underway as...

Romaco brings new approach to blister packaging

21-Oct-2005 - Romaco's T6 incorporates a fresh approach to blister machine design, increasing efficiency in what is a rapidly expanding blister packaging market.

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