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Bruker launches next-gen MALDI-TOF/TOF system

29-Oct-2004 - Bruker Daltonics, has launched a new MALDI-TOF and TOF mass spectrometer that offers improved sensitivity, resolution and mass accuracy of TOF/TOF systems for expression proteomics, quantitative proteomics and biomarker discovery....

Roche partners next-gen hep C therapy

29-Oct-2004 - Pharmasset of the US could receive funding of $168 million (€131.8m) in upfront and milestone payments - with the prospect of receiving more - after licensing its preclinical hepatitis C...

Qiagen launches EU-approved NA purification system

29-Oct-2004 - Qiagen has launched the world's first automated sample preparation system for viral nucleic acids to aid molecular diagnostics that conforms to a European Union Directive on in vitro diagnostic medical...

Eastern European news round-up

28-Oct-2004 - In the wake of the expansion of the European Union with 10 additional states, attention has been fixed on the development of the pharmaceutical industry in these and other Eastern...

UK government report warns of potential nanotechnology risks

28-Oct-2004 - A report by the UK's Health and Safety Executive has concluded that the safety of the tiny particles created by the emerging nanotechnology industry has not been fully assessed.

Technology makes high precision weighing possible

28-Oct-2004 - Mettler Toledo introduce a set of weighing modules which precision and speed make it ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

DSM life science division struggles for air

28-Oct-2004 - Dutch group DSM slightly increased sales of pharma products during the third quarter but continued losses from its DSM Anti-Infectives division halved the Life Sciences operating profit.

Girindus adds microwave capability

28-Oct-2004 - German contract development and manufacturing company Girindus has installed a microwave system at its plant in the US, reflecting a growing trend in the sector to use microwaves to improve...

Roche uncovers rapid way to find disease genes

27-Oct-2004 - A novel computational method to detect disease-causing genes accurately and rapidly has been reported in the latest issue of Science (22 October).

Protein discovered that halts Alzheimer's progression

27-Oct-2004 - Researchers have identified a protein that protects the brain from the destructive effects of Alzheimer's disease, protecting brain cells by blocking another toxic protein that contributes to the disease process

Cardinal reveals higher profits, and new SEC probe

27-Oct-2004 - Cardinal Health reported its long-delayed fourth-quarter financial results yesterday, revealing a hike in profit and revenues for the three months to end June, but lowered guidance for the first half...

Rub-on vaccines do away with needles

27-Oct-2004 - US company Sontra Medical has successfully completed the first tests of a novel technology that allows vaccines to be applied topically to the skin, rather than delivered through a needle....

Sun Chemical price increase hits packagers

27-Oct-2004 - Sun Chemical has increased the price of all packaging inks and coatings by three to seven per cent this month, blaming rising petrochemical costs that could affect the entire packaging...

Rexam extends child-resistant closure range

27-Oct-2004 - UK-based packaging giant Rexam has launched a new child-resistant closure designed specifically for use in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

HTS to become key drug discovery tool?

27-Oct-2004 - A report focusing on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets in Europe has singled out high throughput screening (HTS) as an approach that will provide mechanistic insights and new drug leads...

Loma launches X-ray unit for smaller products

27-Oct-2004 - Loma Systems unveil a new entry-level X-ray inspection unit suited for smaller products at a price that allows packagers to enter the market, with the technology available at a 50...

BioAlliance's buccal bioadhesive brings better results

27-Oct-2004 - Bioalliance Pharma, a pharmaceutical company focused on the field of drug resistance, revealed results of a study that indicated a new formulation of miconazole administered as a bioadhesive extended release...

Outsourcing on the rise, says CHA report

27-Oct-2004 - More than half of pharmaceuticals outsourced at least 20 per cent of their ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology) studies in 2003, according to a new market research report...

RFID study backs adoption by pharma

26-Oct-2004 - A pilot study organised by Accenture to explore the value of implementing radiofrequency identification (RFID) and electronic product code (EPC) technology in the pharmaceutical industry has concluded that there are...

PCR firm aims to cut lab time for diagnostics

26-Oct-2004 - Researchers in the UK have developed a tabletop DNA test laboratory that can cut the diagnosis of disease and infection from hours to 30 minutes. This new test laboratory will...

Cambrex boosts contaminant detection tech

26-Oct-2004 - Cambrex has signed an exclusive license agreement that allows access to two novel, quantitative assay technologies for the detection of contaminants such as pathogens in drugs.

Lemnagene extols duckweed virtues for biomanufacturing

26-Oct-2004 - recently reported on the opening of a new biomanufacturing facility and laboratory by France's Lemnagene, a new company specialising in the production of recombinant proteins in duckweed. But why...

Enzymotec breakthrough to improve fatty acid delivery

26-Oct-2004 - Israeli biotech firm Enzymotec has developed an enzyme technology that it claims will improve targeted delivery of nutrients in oils to human organs.

Tapflo pumps safe for explosive processes

26-Oct-2004 - Swedish pump manufacturer Tapflo has launched a range of diaphragm pumps designed for environments in which there is a risk of explosion.

OctoPlus, InnoCore link up on delivery platform

26-Oct-2004 - OctoPlus, a drug delivery and development company, and InnoCore Technologies, a supplier of biodegradable polymeric drug delivery systems, announced a joint collaboration to develop and market a novel injectable drug...

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