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Pharmas factor green considerations into sourcing decisions say experts

30-Sep-2015 - Drug companies still outsource to cut costs but environmental concerns and therefore contractors’ green credentials are increasingly important say industry experts. 

US FDA rule: banned drugs will be destroyed

30-Sep-2015 - The FDA will begin destroying drugs which are refused entry to the US instead of returning them to their sender.

Teva adds an 'appy medium to its respiratory portfolio with Gecko buy

30-Sep-2015 - Teva has acquired Gecko Health Innovations, adding an inhaler app it says can help patients manage asthma and COPD.

Catalloy fined after explosion at metal catalysts plant

29-Sep-2015 - A UK supplier of metal catalysts to the drug industry has been fined after an explosion at its site in Widnes left an employee with minor injuries.

Heptares awarded NIH grant to tackle cocaine addiction

29-Sep-2015 - Blocking the neuropeptides that regulate arousal and appetite could lead to a treatment for cocaine addiction, says Heptares which has received an NIH development grant.

Novartis extends Unilife deal for drug delivery device

29-Sep-2015 - Novartis has extended a deal with Unilife for the supply of an injectable drug delivery system for use with an early stage drug candidate.


FDA announces Quality head

29-Sep-2015 -

Polpharma hires ex Lupin, Teva and Merck KGaA man to lead biosimilar push

29-Sep-2015 - Polpharma has continued its biosimilar-focused hiring spree and appointed Maurice Chagnaud as its CEO.

US FDA withdraws approval for Sun migraine drug over concerns about Halol plant

28-Sep-2015 - The US FDA has revoked approval for Sun Pharmaceutical Industries’ extended-release epilepsy drug Elepsia XR over concerns the firm's manufacturing plant in Halol, India does not meet quality standards.

Evonik hikes up pharma excipient prices

28-Sep-2015 - Increasing QbD needs and a range of technical service centres have driven up the prices of Evonik’s drug delivery excipient portfolio, the company says.

GSK will create 300 new production jobs in France despite R&D pull out

GSK in France: 'Oui' to manufacturing, 'non' to R&D

28-Sep-2015 - GSK is selling a French R&D site as part of a global restructuring move but says it will continue growing its manufacturing presence in the country.

Car fumes increase Alzheimer's risk in people genetically predisposed, study

25-Sep-2015 - Air pollution increases the likelihood that people genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s will develop the disease according to Mexican researchers.

Better health monitoring can cut adverse drug reactions, say researchers

24-Sep-2015 - Better health monitoring could cut the number of adverse drug reactions and guide development of safer formulations say researchers.

Ashland to spin specialty chemicals business into standalone company

24-Sep-2015 - It will be business as usual for pharma customers as Ashland approves a plan to separate into two independent companies, the ingredients firm says.

India mulls reclassifying vitamins as drugs if they come with health claims

23-Sep-2015 - India may classify vitamin supplements as drugs rather than foods if the manufacturers of such products claim they can treat or prevent disease.

Aesica and Merck & Co. to benefit from green energy cost-savings in UK

23-Sep-2015 - Electricity from a ‘green energy’ biomass plant being built nearby will cut utility costs at an Aesica UK facility and help the CDMO stay competitive.

EC, EU and WHO share 'need to know' private drug data

23-Sep-2015 - European regulators and the WHO have begun sharing confidential information about drug applications, quality, and inspections under a new agreement.

A reliable supply chain has never been more important, says Mylan CEO

23-Sep-2015 - Drugmakers need more certainty and reliabilty around their supply chain in light of increased regulatory vigilance says Mylan, itself carrying out remediation across several Indian facilities.

Pfizer to sell Mumbai manufacturing plant for $27m

23-Sep-2015 - Pfizer has agreed to sell a manufacturing facility in India to Vidhi Research and Development for around $27m.


UK asks to use CRISPR on human embryos

22-Sep-2015 - UK scientists have applied to the country’s fertility regulator for permission to use CRISPR and other genome editing techniques on human embryos.

Novo Nordisk building its first manufacturing facility in Middle-East

Novo Nordisk injecting €70m in Iran for insulin pen production plant

22-Sep-2015 - Novo Nordisk will build a manufacturing plant for its FlexPen prefilled insulin device in Iran to cater for the local market. 

Potential $1.25bn deal adds CEPT inhibitor to Amgen's cardiovascular offerings

22-Sep-2015 - Amgen could pay up to $1.25bn Dezima Pharma if its promising lead candidate - the cholesterol buster TA-8995 - is approved.

Glide and Cilian team to develop solid dose flu vaccine

22-Sep-2015 - Cilian has teamed up with Glide Technologies to develop a solid dose influenza vaccine to be delivered via a needle-free injector.

Innovate UK grants $2.9m to cancer enzyme inhibitor hunt

22-Sep-2015 - The UK government is granting £1.9m ($2.9m) to pharma company Mission Therapeutics to create small-molecule cancer inhibitors.

Lack of regulatory clarity dominates US biosimilar debate post Zarxio

22-Sep-2015 - Sandoz has reiterated its call for US FDA guidance on biosimilar interchangeability arguing that the lack of clarity makes it hard to gauge what impact switching rules will have on...

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