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Hikma eyes Ben Venue's assets as part of $300m Bedford Labs acquistion

29-May-2014 - Hikma Pharmaceuticals says it is evaluating Ben Venue’s manufacturing facility as an option in its $300m (€220m) acquisition of Bedford Laboratories.

Nanomotors could help to deliver drugs faster, scientists say

29-May-2014 - Researchers in Texas have unveiled the fastest, smallest motor to date, which could pave the way for similar motors moving through the body to administer drugs or to target cancer...

Configurable 'peptide locks' could help deliver antivirals, say scientists

29-May-2014 - US scientists have tinkered with a virus so that it opens its cargo doors only in the presence of certain enzymes that could be used to drop therapeutics precisely onto...

3M to expand metered dose inhaler production at UK site

28-May-2014 - 3M Drug Delivery Systems says it will boost capacity for its metered dose inhaler (MDI) division by more than 20 percent at its Loughborough, UK site.

R&D productivity: Drug approvals don’t tell the whole story

28-May-2014 - As the number of drug approvals declined between 2012 and 2013 by more than 30%, the value of new therapeutic agent approvals seems to indicate a stronger year than initially thought.

UCL spin-out aims to smuggle antibodies across the blood-brain barrier

27-May-2014 - A collaboration involving academia and industry is to develop new ways of delivering antibodies to the brain using molecular envelop technology developed by Nanomerics, a UCL spin-out company.

AstraZeneca bid Pfizzles out as deadline passes

27-May-2014 - Pfizer has confirmed it has dropped a £69bn ($118bn) bid to buy fellow pharma giant AstraZeneca following yesterday’s acquisition deadline.

Sarepta acquires Massachusetts manufacturing facility for $25m

27-May-2014 - RNA-based drug developer Sarepta Therapeutics has agreed to acquire a manufacturing facility on 26 acres of land in Massachusetts for $25m. 

Operation Pangea takes another crack at illegal drugs, websites

27-May-2014 - For the seventh time since 2006, law enforcement, customs, and regulatory authorities from 111 countries collaborated to identify and root out Internet-based makers and distributors of illegal drug products and medical devices.

Relypsa selects DSM to manufacture API for hyperkalemia treatment

22-May-2014 - California-based Relypsa has entered into a seven-year commercial manufacturing and supply agreement with DSM Fine Chemicals for the API for patiromer, the company's novel polymer in development for the treatment...

100 year-old rules on API impurities to change in 2015

22-May-2014 - API manufacturers are gearing up for changes to regulations on elemental impurities made by the US Pharmaceopeia (USP).

Sun Pharma hit with warning letter over missing data, data handling issues

22-May-2014 - Amid ongoing efforts by the US FDA to crack down on foreign suppliers not meeting cGMP (current good manufacturing) requirements, India-based Sun Pharma is the latest company to be hit...

US FDA founds regulatory science centre with UCSF and Stanford

21-May-2014 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is founding a $3.3m (€2.4m) regulatory science centre jointly with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Stanford University.

Fresenius Kabi, Abbott acquisitions reveal burgeoning Latin American market

21-May-2014 - Both Fresenius Kabi and Abbott have extended their operations further in the Latin American market with new acquisitions that signal growth in the region.

Roche to invest $134m in two manufacturing sites in Switzerland

21-May-2014 - Manufacturing powerhouse Roche is doubling down on its small molecule manufacturing with investments of $134.6m in two facilities in Basel, Switzerland.

Reckitt Benckiser to co-develop nasal spray to treat opioid overdose

20-May-2014 - Reckitt Benckiser and AntiOp announced plans on Monday to co-develop a naloxone nasal spray to help in the reversal of opioid overdose.

Scientists look to deliver gene therapy via polymer nanoparticles

20-May-2014 - Scientists in the US report that gene therapy could be delivered using plastic biodegradable nanoparticles

European research project develops cleaning verification system

19-May-2014 - A European project has developed a low cost and rapid, on-the-spot solution for cleaning verification in pharmaceutical facilities. 

People on the Move

Who's going places in the pharma industry?

19-May-2014 - Pharma's latest movers include former senior employees of AstraZeneca, Roche and Novartis.

AstraZeneca once again rejects sweetened Pfizer takeover bid

19-May-2014 - Despite a nearly $15bn increase in its offer, AstraZeneca has once again rejected Pfizer’s attempt to take over its British rival. 

US FDA to launch new supply chain initiative with EU counterparts

15-May-2014 - As the worldwide pharma supply chain gets even more complex, the US FDA is looking to leverage its existing relationship with its EMA (European Medicines Agency) counterparts to boost drug...

Semiconductor experiments look to control crystallisation

15-May-2014 - Experiments on semiconductors reveal a new way to study and control crystallisation. The discovery has relevance to pharmaceutical manufacturing as many drugs are made from small molecules that must crystallise...

MIT researchers create polymer nanoparticle for cancer drug delivery

15-May-2014 - Chemists at MIT have created a triple warhead against cancer.  They believe theirs is the first example a polymer nanoparticle which carries a precise ratio of three drugs that can...

Unilife reports 'strong quarter' despite no revenue from products

14-May-2014 - Unilife says it is confident future revenue from current contracts could total $1bn and is scaling up manufacturing capacities despite no product sales in the third quarter.

Pfizer-AZ merger prospects: Where will the job cuts come from?

13-May-2014 - Atop the list of concerns among political onlookers in what is shaping up to be a fierce attempt by Pfizer to acquire AstraZeneca: Jobs -- where will they be slashed...

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