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Pall unveils world's largest membrane chromatography capsule

29-Apr-2005 - The ongoing Interphex show in New York has seen continued evidence of the expansion of disposable technologies into areas of bioprocessing currently dominated by multi-use items, reports Phil Taylor.

JRC bids to reduce animal testing

29-Apr-2005 - The European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM), part of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is seeking to reduce animal testing as part of the upcoming EU directive...

Cytopia starts human trials for cancer drug

29-Apr-2005 - Cytopia has received the green light to trial a promising new drug that could prove effective in the fight against advanced solid tumours. In animal studies, the drug candidate has...

Technique speeds up drug production

29-Apr-2005 - University of Toronto researchers have developed a new chemical reaction that could greatly accelerate pharmaceutical production, while also cutting costs and toxic by-products.

Antares unveils oral fast melt drug

28-Apr-2005 - Antares Pharma has announced that it has completed formulation and preclinical activities for its first fast melt oral tablet incorporating a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) using its Easy Tec fast...

Nanogen issued nanomanufacturing European patent

28-Apr-2005 - Nanogen has been issued with a European patent, which relates to a nanofabrication technology combining a manufacturing platform and nanostructures that is set to broaden Nanogen's position in the nanotechnology...

Pharma facility named best in the world

28-Apr-2005 - The Danish NovoSeven Facility has been given the '2005 Facility of the Year Award' by the foremost representatives of the pharmaceutical industry's international engineering society.

BioGenex launches Xmatrx for drug R&D

28-Apr-2005 - BioGenex announces the launch of the Xmatrx, a walk-away system that automates molecular diagnostics and drug target identification and validation. The system is specifically designed to enable drug discovery companies...

Particle sizer has extended temp range

28-Apr-2005 - Malvern launches a new option for its range of Zetasizer Nano particle characterisation systems, which enable scientists to measure particle size at temperatures of up to 120C, extending the range...

Millipore unveils disposable clarification filter

27-Apr-2005 - Millipore has introduced a single-use prefilter for clarification steps in mammalian cell synthesis that continues the trend towards increasing use of disposable technologies in the bioprocessing environment, reports Phil Taylor.

Trial first to feature customisable delivery system

27-Apr-2005 - An electronic nebuliser that matches a product formulation, which was specifically developed to optimise this device's performance, marks a new advance in the customisation of drug development and represents a...

Application scope reveals Nanotechnology potential

27-Apr-2005 - According to a new report, nanotechnology is set to play a major part in drug delivery systems especially for tumour therapies. The report cites nanoparticles as being particularly suited to...

Bentley in intranasal insulin spray collaboration

27-Apr-2005 - Bentley Pharmaceuticals has entered into an agreement with Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals for the development of an intranasal spray formulation of insulin for the South Korean market with the view of...

Exelixis files IND for anticancer compound

27-Apr-2005 - Exelixis has submitted an investigational new drug application (IND) to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for XL820, a novel small molecule anticancer compound that inhibits receptor tyrosine kinases...

New low-temp fluid excels in pharma manufacturing

27-Apr-2005 - Cambridge Major has announced that it has selected a new low-temperature fluid, which has proven to be suitable for single-fluid heating and cooling systems, making it appropriate to meet the...

Thermo launches X-ray diffraction for pharma analysis

26-Apr-2005 - Thermo Electron has launched a high performance powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD) instrument that enables scientists to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses in central and QA/QC laboratories with high sample throughput....

Sherwood Tech launches tablet laser-marking method

26-Apr-2005 - Sherwood Technology announces the launch of DataLase Edible, a solution for laser marking edible products such as pharmaceutical tablets, which represents a method that is expected to increase productivity and...

EU project aims to make nanotechnology safe

26-Apr-2005 - A recently-launched project by the European Union is aiming to demonstrate once and for all whether nanoparticles - which underpin the emerging discipline of nanotechnology - are safe, reports Phil...

Oxford Instruments presents NMR enhancement tool

26-Apr-2005 - Oxford Instruments Molecular Biotools (OIMBL) have introduced an instrument, which it claims will revolutionise the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy field by amplifying the baseline sensitivity of NMR systems by...

Honeywell unveils clear high barrier film

25-Apr-2005 - Honeywell has launched a new Aclar moisture barrier film that is designed for medical applications, such as overwraps, pouches and lidding.

Biotech drives first quarter at Millipore

25-Apr-2005 - Filtration and separation specialist Millipore saw a double-digit hike in first quarter sales and earnings, helped by strong sales of products into the biotechnology sector, reports Phil Taylor.

Scientists 'see' basis of drug resistance

25-Apr-2005 - Researchers have discovered the structural basis for antibiotic resistance to common pathogenic bacteria, which could herald the design and development of a new class of antibiotic drugs.

Black Box unlocks secrets of pharma blister packs

25-Apr-2005 - Amcor Flexibles Healthcare has enlisted the aid of Montesino Associates to market a blister pack simulation technology to the global pharmaceutical industry.

Blueprint tool points scientists to better drugs

25-Apr-2005 - A research program has released a small molecule binding annotation and comparison tool, which is expected to accelerate lead development in antimicrobial drug discovery, as well as allow chemists to...

Vega brings radar to powder testing

25-Apr-2005 - Radar is widely used as a measuring technology for liquids, but its use in bulk solids measurement has been held back by technical obstacles.

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