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SupplyScape raises $7m for drug pedigree tech

31-Mar-2005 - SupplyScape, a US company specialising in developing track and trace technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, has raised $7m in a private financing, writes Phil Taylor.

REPLICor discloses unique antiviral drug results

31-Mar-2005 - REPLICor is developing a broad spectrum antiviral drug, which has the broadest spectrum of activity in vitro ever reported for a single chemical entity and has proved to have a...

Pliva signs second biogenerics deal for '05

31-Mar-2005 - Croatian pharmaceutical company Pliva has forged another partnership in the generic biopharmaceutical sector, linking up with US firm Barr Laboratories to develop a generic version of Amgen's white blood cell...

'Swinging' mixer from Chemineer

31-Mar-2005 - Chemineer has launched a new mixer, called the Clean Sweep, which features a new type of mixing action claimed to prevent contamination and eliminate particle shedding from mechanical seals or...

Process speeds up plasmid purification

30-Mar-2005 - Boehringer Ingelheim and Slovenian company BIA Separations have collaborated on a new separation and purification system that should improve the production of plasmid DNA.

Tanabe spins out production company

30-Mar-2005 - Japanese pharmaceutical company Tanabe Seiyaku will set up a stand-alone production company later this year to make both its in-house products and medicines for third parties.

SurModics eyeing drug delivery polymers

30-Mar-2005 - US company SurModics is evaluating a biodegradeable polymer technology, developed at Rutgers University, that could improve the delivery of drugs into the eye.

Elan break-up under discussion?

30-Mar-2005 - Ireland's largest home grown pharmaceutical company, Elan Holdings, could be split up into two separate units, one focussing on biotechnology and the other on manufacturing and drug delivery, according to...

Cleanroom in place for nanotech cancer drug

30-Mar-2005 - UK company Atomising Systems Ltd has completed construction of a cleanroom facility at its plant in Sheffeld, UK, that will be used to produce a delivery vehicle used in Brachysil,...

FDA accepts IND for cancer mAbs

30-Mar-2005 - Morphotek has announced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted its New Drug Application for a humanised monoclonal antibody, intended for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer.

Elsevier builds electronic notebook for lab

30-Mar-2005 - In response to industry and customer demand, Elsevier is to build an electronic notebook (ELN) designed for the life sciences industry and which will significantly reduce cycle time in biopharmaceutical...

Thermo expands LC/MS product range

29-Mar-2005 - Thermo Electron has introduced a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system - the Finnigan Surveyor Plus - for high-throughput sample processing.

BC's launches cytometry system for non-core lab

29-Mar-2005 - Beckman Coulter introduces a new flow cytometry system that is aimed at the non-core lab, claiming the system's affordability and small footprint makes it ideal for cellular analysis in research...

Rhodia to undergo twin accounting probes

29-Mar-2005 - Rhodia is facing two separate investigations for alleged accounting irregularities as well as insider trading, just as the financial difficulties afflicting the French chemicals group have started to abate.

RFID in glass for pharma sector

29-Mar-2005 - Japan's Toppan Printing has developed a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that can be embedded within glass containers such as test tubes, vials or medicine bottles.

SCOLR drug delivery tech clears clinical hurdle

29-Mar-2005 - A new formulation of the over-the-counter decongestant pseudoephedrine developed by drug delivery company SCOLR Pharma has successfully cleared a clinical trial, providing a validation of the firm's technology platform, reports...

ISPE lends a hand with electronic signatures

29-Mar-2005 - The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering has launched a new technical publication to help pharmaceutical companies comply with new regulatory requirements on keeping electronic rather than paper-based records in the...

Mutation on trio of leukemias signals drug target

25-Mar-2005 - US researchers have found that three types of leukaemias are all caused by acquired mutations that alter a specific enzyme controlling blood cell proliferation. Identifying the genetic malfunction may give...

Foss achieves profit despite difficult year

24-Mar-2005 - Danish analytical technology specialist Foss has reported a sharp increase in organic growth in 2004, helped in part by the merger of two of Foss subsidiaries, and the introduction of...

New metal detector to debut at Interphex

24-Mar-2005 - Eriez Magnetics will unveil a new metal detector for pharmaceutical applications at the upcoming Interphex show in New York, US, next month.

FDA questions 'innovative industry' tag

24-Mar-2005 - The decreasing number of truly original drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration is becoming such a serious issue that the pharmaceutical market's tag as the 'innovator industry' is...

Solvay to buy Fournier to boost pharma

24-Mar-2005 - Belgian company Solvay is to buy Fournier Pharma for up to €1.6bn in a move that ties into the group's long-term strategy to boost its activities in the pharmaceuticals sector,...

India's patent law passes lower house

24-Mar-2005 - India's new patent law, that will prevent domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers from making low-cost generic copies of in-patent drugs - has finally been passed by the lower house of the country's...

Savient to offload biologics business

24-Mar-2005 - Savient Pharmaceuticals is selling its global biologics manufacturing division to Swiss biotechnology firm Ferring for $80 million (€61 million) in cash payments spread over two years.

Serono identifies 80 multiple sclerosis genes

23-Mar-2005 - Researchers at the Serono Genetics Institute have announced the identification of 80 genes involved in the inflammatory and neuro-degenerative pathways of multiple sclerosis (MS) forming a library of potential targets...

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