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Pharma at the core of Rexam plans, says CEO

31-Mar-2004 - The pharmaceutical packaging market plays David to the Goliath of the food and beverage sector, but is one of several sectors that has the packaging industry interested, reports Phil Taylor,...

Beckman Coulter launches lab automation systems

31-Mar-2004 - Beckman Coulter, the leading manufacturer of instrument systems and automated laboratory processes, has launched two new laboratory automation workstations which promise to set new standards in accuracy and precision of...

Biotrove's Living Chip cuts genotyping time

31-Mar-2004 - Biotrove has reported promising data from a study of its Living Chip microfluidic technology used to generate genotyping data from human genomic samples. Their high-density array chip promises to hike...

Lab design enters 21st century

31-Mar-2004 - Drug companies are waking up to the notion that the environment a researcher works in - whether in drug discovery or the quality control lab - is a crucial factor...

In-line leak tester from Sepha

31-Mar-2004 - Two and a half years ago, Northern Ireland's Sepha sparked a minor revolution in the blister packaging sector by unveiling the first clean, non-destructive alternative to the methylene blue dye...

Gene delivery rights boost novel biomanufacturing project

31-Mar-2004 - A US partnership is hoping that rights to a new gene delivery system will help it to develop avian transgenic technology as an efficient and cost-effective biomanufacturing platform for the...

Lonza Biologics extends licence for cell line technology

31-Mar-2004 - UK-based Lonza Biologics has extended its agreement with Chromos Molecular Systems for non-exclusive access to the Canadian firm's ACE System, technology that speeds up the time researchers need to isolate...

US changes label requirements for OTCs

29-Mar-2004 - The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new rule requiring content and warning labelling for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that contain levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, or potassium...

ProSolv cleared for marketing in Japan

29-Mar-2004 - The Japanese regulatory authority has approved the JRS Pharma's ProSolv excipient - designed to make it easier and cheaper to make high-quality tablets - for use in pharmaceutical formulations.

EU aims to tackle growing TB problem

29-Mar-2004 - The European Commission has announced a collaborative tuberculosis research initiative, underpinned by €32 million in funding for two overlapping research projects aimed at developing an improved vaccine for the disease....

Urine test could save drug industry money

29-Mar-2004 - A simple urine sample could soon be used to predict the complex toxic effects of new drugs potentially making clinical trials safer, more effective, and saving the industry millions of...

Pharma skirmish looms in US Presidential race

29-Mar-2004 - The pharmaceutical industry looks set to be one of the key areas of contention for the two US Presidential candidates as they square off ahead of the election in November.

TOTAL at the pharma and food interface

29-Mar-2004 - The first ever TOTAL Processing and Packaging Show opens its doors this week, bringing together tens of thousands of processing and packaging professionals across the pharmaceutical and food sectors and...

New iodine-131 player in market

25-Mar-2004 - International Isotopes has entered the market for supplying iodine-131, a radioisotope used in medical diagnostics and radiotherapy procedures.

Accession 'a boon to EU drug industry'

25-Mar-2004 - The enlargement of the European Union to include 10 new countries has raised fears about the impact this could have on issues such as parallel imports and intellectual property protection,...

Chinese packaging industry about to boom

25-Mar-2004 - China's packaging industry is currently undergoing a growth rate that is set to turn the sector into one of the country's leading industries, report Simon Pitman and Phil Taylor.

Dendrimers for drug delivery

25-Mar-2004 - Researchers in the US have developed a drug delivery technology that could improve the treatment of cancer, avoid side effects and even report back on the success of treatment.

J&J goes green for energy needs

25-Mar-2004 - Pharmaceutical major Johnson & Johnson has installed a new combined heat and power system at its research facility in La Jolla, US, that could bring cost savings of more than...

Nanotech could improve protein delivery

24-Mar-2004 - Access Pharmaceuticals has signed an agreement with an unnamed US partner for a drug delivery system based on nanoparticle aggregates that can be used to formulate proteins that are degraded...

Depot for prostate cancer wins German OK

24-Mar-2004 - Debiopharm of Switzerland has won approval for a three-month depot formulation of Pamorelin (triptorelin pamoate), a drug to treat prostate cancer, based on its proprietary polymer-based drug delivery technology.

Novartis hangs back from Aventis bid

24-Mar-2004 - Switzerland's Novartis has confirmed that it is interested in joining with Aventis, but will not proceed with a formal bid unless the French government draws back from its hostile stance...

Thermo hikes metal detector sensitivity

23-Mar-2004 - Thermo Electron has launched a new metal detector for pharmaceutical applications that provides a 15 to 20 per cent improvement in sensitivity compared to rival products.

Bringing colour to drug packaging

23-Mar-2004 - Belgium's Milliken Chemical and Rexam Pharma teamed up to bring a splash of colour to the often drab world of over-the-counter (OTC) drug packaging.

Tiny liposomes for better drug delivery

23-Mar-2004 - Researchers in the US have developed a way of self-assembling liposomes - lipid particles used to carry a drug payload - that are smaller and more uniform in size than...

Filter giants launch new lines

23-Mar-2004 - New filtration products for biopharmaceutical development and production were unveiled at last week's Interphex 2004 exhibition in New York by two of the main players in the sector - Pall...

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