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Genentech buys Lonza's GS Gene Expression System

27-Feb-2006 - Swiss outsourcing company Lonza has granted biotechnology firm Genentech a non-exclusive, worldwide license to their Glutamine Synthetase (GS) Gene Expression System which offers better yields, speed and stability in cell...

Olympus releases new TIRF microscopy objectives

27-Feb-2006 - A new family of objectives from Olympus specifically for Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM) can selectively visualise processes and structures of the cell membrane, minimising photo-damage and allowing cells...

Singapore strives to boost science R&D

27-Feb-2006 - Singapore's Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) will commit $7.5bn (€63.1bn) over the next five years to drive R&D growth in key industry areas such as biomedical science and increase...

Chrono Therapeutics makes drug delivery tick

27-Feb-2006 - Drug delivery company Chrono Therapeutics has unveiled a wristwatch-like device for the non-invasive automatic administration of drugs based on the amount and time instructed, thus improving patience compliance.

In-PharmaTechnologist: Focus on India

India now second only to US as R&D powerhouse

27-Feb-2006 - India is emerging as a powerhouse of pharmaceutical R&D. Backed by a scientist president and with an army of talented scientists, the country now has R&D capacity second only to...

Q Chip customises drug delivery

24-Feb-2006 - British company Q Chip has upped the stakes in the drug delivery market with its new tailor-made bioencapsulation technology, claiming to improve drug effectiveness, reduce side effects and increase patient...

China draws Fisher further in

24-Feb-2006 - An insatiable Asian appetite for cell biology products has made Fisher Scientific's cell-culture unit expand its Beijing facility, making it the first non-native business to offer large-scale liquid-media manufacturing in...

Uni of Leicester announces world first forensic lab technique

24-Feb-2006 - A team of forensic pathologists are believed to be the world's first to use a new radiological laboratory approach for mass fatality investigations that could bring to the end current...

Microfiltration market set to grow

24-Feb-2006 - The global market for microfiltration (MF) membranes used in liquid separations is set to grow at an average annual rate of 9.4 per cent to more than $1.2bn (€1bn) by...

Vaccine-making contract goes to Cambrex

24-Feb-2006 - Cambrex Bio Science has been given a contract to manufacture Geron's GRNVAC1 telomerase vaccine for use in clinical trials and will now transfer production to its Walkersville, Maryland facility.

In-PharmaTechnologist: Focus on India

Western pharma has eyes glued on India

24-Feb-2006 - India has overtaken Germany and China as the pharmaceutical industry western executives most want to know about.

eClinical trials uptake meets industry resistance

23-Feb-2006 - According to a new report, the adoption of eClinical technologies has been hampered by the ability to take the electronic revolution to the next level, as the adoption of eClinical...

Biosante wins $250,000 research contract

22-Feb-2006 - Drug developer Biosante has been awarded a $250,000 (€210,000) subcontract from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL), to develop recombinant Factor IX (FIX) formulations for delivery via alternative routes of...

Ampac launches new thick-gauge lidstock

22-Feb-2006 - Packaging specialist Ampac has unveiled a new thick-gauge lidstock for demanding pharmaceutical applications, promising extra durability and protection.

PANalytical revamps its diffractometer

22-Feb-2006 - Dutch instrumentation specialist PANalytical has added new options to its X'Pert PRO MPD X-ray diffractometer, providing a total solution for high throughput diffraction and analysing almost any material.

Strong sales for BASF in 2005

22-Feb-2006 - Increased sales and price hikes helped BASF achieve record earnings in 2005, despite substantially higher raw material prices, Europe's subdued economy and hurricanes in the US.

Frog secretions may be used as mosquito repellent.

22-Feb-2006 - A species of frog, which may hold the key to future mosquito repellents, is set to open up new avenues of lab research into frog chemical ecology as researchers try...

Ometric speeds QC up

22-Feb-2006 - Analytic technology company Ometric is promising to revolutionalise quality control with software that achieves real-time, in-line final product testing at a rate of five tablets per second, minimising product recalls,...

Wine compound extract used as anti-aging drug?

21-Feb-2006 - A natural compound could become the starting molecule for the design of drugs that prolongs lifespan and delay the onset of aging-related traits in vertebrate organisms, supporting the potential utility...

Ceragenix' drug compound found to kill HIV strains

21-Feb-2006 - A consortium of researchers has detailed the activity of a novel drug compound that kills multiple HIV strains via a unique mechanism of action. The discovery brings with it hope...

Study highlights advantages of CELLine

20-Feb-2006 - A disposable two-compartment flask bioreactor designed by Swiss company Integra Biosciences has been shown to minimise production costs in a new study, as opposed to cell cultivation roller bottles which...

Optio Healthcare introduces new RFID solutions

20-Feb-2006 - Optio Healthcare introduces a new RFID and labelling solution, which allows healthcare facilities to generate thermal, barcode and RFID labels that can be used to track pharmaceuticals, as well as...

Herceptin's wider use comes closer to EU/US approval

20-Feb-2006 - Two days after it filed for approval of Hecerptin for the treatment of early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer in the US through its majority-own biotechnology firm Genentech, Swiss drugmaker Roche has...

Baxa releases new Adapta Cap bottle adapter

20-Feb-2006 - Baxa Corporation has launched the first cap specifically designed to fit sterile water bottles, which provide drip-free filling of Exacta-Med Oral Dispensers simplifying weight specific dosing and oral liquid medications.

ComplianceControl offers new regulatory database

20-Feb-2006 - IT specialist ComplianceControl has a introduced a comprehensive new directory of compliance regulations with precise and accessible information that can be used to assist pharmaceutical companies in co-ordinating their corporate...

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