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Alliance plans to improve polyketide production

28-Feb-2005 - UK-based biotechnology firm Biotica Technology and the University of Cambridge have secured funding for a collaborative research initiative into new expression systems for the production of polyketides.

Japan's Daiichi, Sankyo confirm merger plans

28-Feb-2005 - The rumours of a marriage between Japanese drugmakers Sankyo and Daiichi Pharmaceutical were confirmed on Friday, when the two companies officially announced their intention to merge in a stock deal...

Superfos hikes its pharma capacity

28-Feb-2005 - Having opted to hang onto its pharmaceutical packaging business instead of selling it off, Denmark's Superfos has now expanded the production capacity of the unit 'to extend its position as...

Pharmacogenomics to replace pharma's business model

28-Feb-2005 - Pharmacogenomics will alter the balance of power in the way drugs are developed, tested, marketed and prescribed during the next decade, and the blockbuster business model of big pharmaceutical companies...

Chugai rejigs manufacturing with plant closures

28-Feb-2005 - Japan's Chugai Pharmaceutical is planning to slash the number of manufacturing plants it operates in Japan in the wake of its alliance with Switzerland's Roche in 2002.

Nano-enabled drug discovery set to dominate

25-Feb-2005 - Nanotechnology for molecular targeting and drug delivery is set to become a trillion-dollar industry, fuelled by the pharmaceutical industry, which faces increasingly challenging market conditions. This has lead to an...

Pharma R&D investment tops €29.3 billion

25-Feb-2005 - New statistics released today show that total US investments in R&D made by the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry topped $38.8 billion (€29.3 billion) during 2004. This beats the $34.5 billion...

Suicidal cancer cells sustained by protein

25-Feb-2005 - Researchers have found a protein, which plays a significant role in colorectal carcinoma. The protein blocks the ability of tumours to activate a natural self-destruct mechanism that would clear the...

Agilent introduces first HPLC-Chip/MS System

24-Feb-2005 - Agilent Technologies has introduced the first high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-chip/mass spectrometry (MS) system for protein identification. This breakthrough microfluidics-based LC/MS technology is expected to significantly increase the speed, ease and...

EU firms sign voluntary biodegradability standard

24-Feb-2005 - A consortium of companies producing biodegradable and compostable polymers for packaging has committed itself to guaranteeing an efficient biodegradeability standard across the EU.

Pharma 'fastest-growing packaging sector'

24-Feb-2005 - Worldwide demand for packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical and personal care products sector is forecast to post the strongest gains of any market through 2008, reaching $4.4 billion in that year.

Codexis buys biocatalyst company Juelich

24-Feb-2005 - US company Codexis has acquired Germany's Juelich Fine Chemicals, one of Europe's leading producers of specialty enzymes or biocatalysts for the production of chiral pharmaceutical intermediates.

Nanotechnology meets bioprocessing

24-Feb-2005 - Japanese company GSI Creos has unveiled the first prototype of a new cell culture reactor that uses nanotechnology to support the growth of more cells than conventional reactors. The bioreactor...

BioPartners taps UK firm for needle-free injector

24-Feb-2005 - BioPartners, currently leading the line amongst companies trying to bring copies of off-patent biologic drugs to the European market, has licensed a needle-free delivery technology for its human growth hormone...

Proteomics market to reach $17.5 billion by 2009

23-Feb-2005 - According to a recent report, projected sales for the worldwide DNA sequencing and proteomics markets are expected to rise at an average annual growth rate of 17.6 per cent from...

Croda focus on added value driving profits

23-Feb-2005 - UK speciality oils supplier Croda International said sales to cosmetics and supplement customers rose 8 per cent last year, helped by expanded capacity in fish oil concentrates and new product launches.

Unisys, GenuOne team up on healthcare traceability

23-Feb-2005 - Unisys has signed an agreement with Boston, US-based GenuOne to provide product tracking and authentication software to the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Researchers discover tumour resistance mechanism

23-Feb-2005 - Researchers in the US have shed light on how tumours acquire resistance to kinase inhibitors. The discovery may help explain the acquired resistance observed in chemotherapy, which currently blights existing...

Serologicals buys media firm to hike stem cell focus

23-Feb-2005 - Serologicals has continued its acquisitive streak, buying the cell culture business Specialty Media from Sentigen Holding Corp, for $6.5m (€4.9m) in cash. The unit will be integrated into Serologicals' Chemicon...

UK RFID/bar code pilot study concluded

23-Feb-2005 - A pilot project aimed at combating pharmaceutical fraud using a combination of radiofrequency identification (RFID) tagging and bar coding, set up by UK firm Aegate last November, has come to...

Malvern: viscosity add-on for Zetasizer Nano

23-Feb-2005 - Malvern Instruments of the UK has launched a new viscometer accessory for its Zetasizer Nano particle characterisation system that should improve the ability of the instrument to study emulsions and...

Protein production in birds moves a step closer

22-Feb-2005 - A rooster has been genetically modified to make an antibody to treat skin cancer in its blood, the first stage in a project that aims to use birds as biological...

Japan's Sankyo and Daiichi to merge?

22-Feb-2005 - Rumours abound that Sankyo, Japan's second largest pharmaceutical company, is in late-stage discussions with sixth-ranked Daiichi Pharmaceuticals over a merger.

Lab scale jet mill launched into UK pharma market

22-Feb-2005 - UK processing and packaging machinery specialist Isopak has added to its product range with a spiral jet mill - intended for pharmaceutical laboratories and R&D departments - that can micronise...

Pliva to work with Mayne on generic biologics

22-Feb-2005 - Croatia's Pliva, the largest pharmaceutical company in Eastern Europe, has teamed up with Australia's Mayne Pharma to hasten the development of two 'generic' biologic drugs.

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