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Thawing market heats up: Biocision expands cell therapy tech offering

29-Jan-2016 - Biocision has revamped its cell thawing platform to accommodate larger vial sizes and started developing an automated system for cell therapies in cryopreservation bags.

Albumedix buys Eleven's half-life boosting albumin assets

29-Jan-2016 - Novozymes’ albumin technologies division Albumedix has bought Eleven Biotherapeutics’ half-life extension assets.

No Zika vaccine before Rio Olympics: Grant funded-development at early stage says US NIAID

28-Jan-2016 - The US NIAID is supporting development of several experimental Zika vaccines but none will be ready before Brazil, the country at the centre of the current outbreak, hosts the Olympic Games this...

Regulatory reforms to reshape drug manufacturing in China says expert

28-Jan-2016 - More plants in China will close says a US-based analyst who predicts that some drugmakers' inability to comply with stricter quality rules will create an opportunity for those that can.

Novartis: Centralised manufacturing unit will harness tech, not reduce network

28-Jan-2016 - Plans to centralise its manufacturing operations will optimise use of new technologies across Novartis’s divisions without resulting in any additional facility closures, the firm says.

Could drug-loaded dental implants offer pain-free chronic med delivery?

27-Jan-2016 - Drug-loaded dental implants which release payload on-demand could alleviate invasive procedures associated with chronic diseases, scientists suggest.

Increased US FDA oversight driving recent China plant warnings

27-Jan-2016 - The recent tide of Warning Letters issued to Chinese API and finished formulation makers reflects an increase in regulatory oversight, the US FDA says.

Recipharm raises $32m to fund Nitin deal

27-Jan-2016 - Recipharm has raised SEK276m ($32m) to part finance the acquisition of a majority stake in Indian CMO Nitin Life Sciences that it announced in October.

Austrianova rolls out cell banking and fill finish services

27-Jan-2016 - Austrianova has launched cell banking and fill finish services for cell therapy developers at its facility in Singapore.

Hermes adapts food coating technique for API taste masking

26-Jan-2016 - Hermes Pharma has added hot melt coating capabilities to its offering and hopes the food industry technique will win it pharma customers with unpleasant tasting APIs.

Sandoz welcomes US FDA promise to publish interchangeability guide in 2016

26-Jan-2016 - The US FDA plans to release long-awaited biosimilar ‘interchangeability’ guidelines in 2016 according to a publishing plan announced this week.

GSK biopharmaceutical trade secrets defendant still "at large"

26-Jan-2016 - Yan Mei, a defendant charged with stealing GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) trade secrets including biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, remains at large, a spokesperson for the US Attourney's office told us yesterday.

Re-engineering the malaria parasite for drug delivery

26-Jan-2016 - An associate professor at MIT is re-engineering the malaria parasite to act as vehicle for drug delivery.

No Zika vaccine in sight, but modified yellow fever virus vector could speed development

25-Jan-2016 - A Zika vaccine is a long way off according to a UK academic who suggested vaccines for related viruses could be used as delivery vectors to accelerate development.

Catalent continues to scout acquisitions and licensing in 2016

25-Jan-2016 - Catalent will pursue strategic acquisitions and licensing in 2016, said VP Marketing & Strategy Elliott Berger, noting growth areas include complex delivery technologies and specialised logistics.

Pharma fallout: Biotrial details emerge

25-Jan-2016 - New information, including Bial’s clinical protocol document have emerged over the past week, providing new insight into the Biotrial tragedy.

Drugmakers: Government purchasing commitments would encourge antibiotics R&D

21-Jan-2016 - Government purchasing commitments would discourage industry antibiotic marketing and help developers overcome reluctance to invest in new antimicrobials say drugmakers in Davos.

$4m grant not to be sniffed at as Mucosis looks to advance intranasal RSV vaccine

21-Jan-2016 - Mucosis has been awarded a Wellcome Trust grant of €3.7m ($4m) to help develop a Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine using its intranasal delivery platform.

Johnson Matthey expands Cambridge catalysis facility

21-Jan-2016 - Johnson Matthey has expanded its UK biocatalysis R&D operations in response to growing drug industry demand.

US NIAID awards $5m to researchers developing non-traditional therapeutics for bacterial infections

20-Jan-2016 - $5m in funding has been awarded to various research projects in order to help develop non-traditional therapeutics for bacterial infections.

New Novozymes subsidiary Albumedix to develop its own drug pipeline says CEO

20-Jan-2016 - Novozymes’ new subsidiary Albumedix has announced its intention to develop biobetters and says the first candidate could be in Phase I trials by 2019.

Novozymes says pharma won't drive growth and sets up albumin subsidiary

20-Jan-2016 - Novozymes has launched its albumin operations as a stand-alone subsidiary and reiterated that its pharma business is no longer a growth driver.

Mylan: GMP issues and production halt at Agila aseptic plant 'not material'

20-Jan-2016 - Mylan has stopped production at a sterile injectables plant after Polish regulators observed 29 major violations of GMP, an EU statement of non-compliance reveals.

Pharma in emerging economies: risks, concerns, and considerations

20-Jan-2016 - Emerging markets in BRIC nations are gaining traction and will be a key revenue driver for multinational pharma companies – but not without risk.

Rx-to-OTC switching: the heart of OTC market, says GBI Research

19-Jan-2016 - Drug manufacturers, regulators, and consumers are increasing pressure on pharma companies to make the Rx-to-OTC switch, as non-prescription medications are cheaper and easier to access.

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