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Catalent, SSI are Biogen's ePedigree chums

31-Jan-2008 - US contract manufacturer Catalent Pharma Solutions has leveraged its partnership with Secure Symbology (SSI) for track and trace barcode technology to help biopharmaceutical company Biogen Idec comply with California's pending...

Allos Therapeutics, Inovio Biomedical, Cortegra and Genetix - People on the move

31-Jan-2008 - Allos Therapeutics, Inovio Biomedical, Cortegra and Genetix have all had people on the move in the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Ditch batch: continuous is the future

31-Jan-2008 - At this week's Informex show in New Orleans, experts at a packed out session discussed the potential of up-and-coming continuous processing technologies and posed the question: is batch processing yesterday's...

Plexera inks DNA-based protein chip deal

31-Jan-2008 - Plexera Biosciences is hoping to leave its rivals in its wake following an exclusive option agreement for Auguron Biosciences' DNA-based protein chips.

Prosonix lands exclusive particle engineering tech

31-Jan-2008 - UK firm Prosonix has teamed up with defence specialist Rafael, exclusively licensing the firm's ultrasonic particle engineering technology to bolster its position in the process chemistry market.

Even proteins can have a popularity contest

31-Jan-2008 - Disease treatments could be developed faster thanks to a new mathematical model that calculates how popular a protein is in terms of how likely another protein will want to associate...

Administrators attempting to sell UK's Jaycare

31-Jan-2008 - Administrators are now trying to sell Jaycare, a UK custom manufacturer and supplier of rigid plastic packaging, medical devices and technical componentry to the pharma and healthcare industries, which has...

Taking hormones out of the water

30-Jan-2008 - US researchers have developed a method of treating waste water that is effective in stripping out hormonal compounds thought to arise from the use and manufacturing of contraceptives and other...

BD on the up after impressive Q1 results

30-Jan-2008 - Becton Dickinson has reported first quarter earnings that nearly doubled year-on-year - with sales driven on by the weak American currency and outweighing increased operating costs.

New Alzheimer's theory gains NASA backing

30-Jan-2008 - A controversial new theory on the origins of Alzheimer's has divided opinion in the medical world, but if proved right could 'revolutionise' treatment.

Real time tablet testing OK for continuous processing

30-Jan-2008 - A non-destructive method of carrying out a series of tests on solid dosage forms, developed by UK firm Teraview, can be carried out in real time on the production line...

RedEye Patch keeps oxygen covered

30-Jan-2008 - A new, non-invasive device for monitoring oxygen content in packaging and other enclosed containers has been launched by US optical sensing specialist Ocean Optics.

Clontech Labs fine tune cell protein levels

30-Jan-2008 - Clontech Laboratories is about to release its ProteoTuner System which can regulate the amount of protein in a cell and ought to be a powerful tool to analyse a protein's...

Labcyte, Deerac Fluidics merge for improved liquid handling

29-Jan-2008 - Labcyte and Deerac Fluidics, which both make liquid handling devices, albeit for different low-volume ranges, have decided to merge and combine their technologies.

Contract downturns cause Catalent cutbacks

29-Jan-2008 - Unexpected contract downturns have resulted in Catalent Pharma Solutions having to lay off 100 workers at its soft gelatin capsules facility in St Petersburg, Florida.

Thermo and FANUC unveil new robot for drug discovery

29-Jan-2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific aims to make automation in the drug discovery lab a whole lot easier through the development of an articulated robot specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications.

Pfizer reveals latest Exubera casualties

29-Jan-2008 - 660 Pfizer employees are the latest casualties of the drug giant's failed bid to capture the diabetes market with its once-touted blockbuster, Exubera.

Merck wants more of SurModics' eye delivery tech

29-Jan-2008 - Merck & Co has expanded its licensing agreement with SurModics in a further endorsement of the latter's I-vation drug delivery system for eye diseases.

WaferGen pushes PCR research with Malaysian subsidiary

29-Jan-2008 - WaferGen has launched a new subsidiary in Kedah, Malaysia, with the express purpose of overseeing research and development of its real-time PCR system.

SOS: save our solvent!

29-Jan-2008 - In any laboratory, or indeed in any pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, one of the major expenses will be solvents. And just like the price of petrol and diesel it just keeps...

PerkinElmer 4Q profit sees CEO leave on high

29-Jan-2008 - PerkinElmer post a 26 per cent rise in its Q4 profits, boosted by its laboratory and diagnostic equipment sales and confounding Wall Street expectations in the process. The company also...

Rhodium catalysts speed up drug synthesis

29-Jan-2008 - In the world of chemistry the majority of reactions are well known and have been around for a very long time producing similar compounds. It is not very often that...

Singapore's biomedical manufacturing down a third in December

28-Jan-2008 - Another sharp decline in biomedical production saw overall manufacturing output in Singapore fall for the second month running in December, prompting fears that the heavily trade-reliant economy could buckle under...

Acquisitions pay off for Novozymes ingredients in 2007

28-Jan-2008 - The small but fast-growing biopharmaceutical ingredients (BPI) business of Denmark's Novozymes, the leading manufacturer of industrial enzymes worldwide, delivered a strong performance in 2007, with sales rising 67 per cent...

Moxatag approval a crucial first for MiddleBrook

28-Jan-2008 - MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals secured a crucial endorsement for its Pulsys oral drug delivery system last week when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the company's lead pipeline product, Moxatag,...

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