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Metrohm extends titrator range for routine QC


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UK company Metrohm has launched two new titrators in its economical Titrino range designed for general quality control and assurance applications, including the analysis of pharmaceutical ingredients.

The 798 MPT Titrino is intended for routine analysis work and can be incorporated in PC-controlled titration networks. A bundled memory card contains software for a number of off-the-peg applications, including a dedicated pharmaceuticals module (Pharm PAC) and the unit can be programmed with up to 30 steps. This makes automation of QA/QC processes easier, according to the company.

The 794 Basic Titrino has fewer features and is intended as a training tool and for simple QA/QC applications. Unlike its sibling product, the 794 Basic does not include a built-in screen for real-time curve display or the ability for users to save their own analyses on memory cards, but it is programmable.

More information is available from Metrohm .