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Neopac aims to pierce compliance packaging market

By Nick Taylor, 04-Feb-2009

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Neopac has launched its Twist’n’Use single dose applicator, which it claims improves patient compliance, ensures administration of the correct dosage and prevents contamination.

The system has been developed for administering liquids, creams and gels using Neopac’s Polyfoil tubing that provides protection to sensitive, pharmaceutical grade formulations.

Polyfoil has been used in a range of Neopac’s products but the Twist’n’Use system introduces an activation system that releases a pin in the nozzle when the user twists the cap. This pierces the nozzle and results in the correct dose being dispensed onto the affected area.

In addition since the tube is sealed prior to twisting the cap, and cannot be resealed, the risk of contamination is reduced and any tampering is evident.

Richard Misdom, sales manager of Neopac, said: "Our new Twist'n'Use System enhances patient compliance and is the most secure and convenient single dose package on the market. We are happy to offer a product that meets the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and end-users alike."

The product is available 10mm and 13.5mm versions, with a different design available for the dispensing of low-viscosity gels and creams. This is only available in 10mm and comes with a shorter nozzle to improve the dispensing of low-viscosity therapeutics.

In addition Twist’n’Use offers the same benefits as other products using Polyfoil, such as preservation of sensitive products, with added compliance.

Compliance packaging is forecast to be a growth sector, with a 2008 Freedonia report predicting it would be an important factor in the US drug packaging sales reaching $16bn by 2008.