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Japan-Germano collaboration on microarrays


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A new collaboration sees Hitachi Software Engineering (HSW) acquiring the rights from German MWG-Biotech to produce DNA microarrays for sale solely in Japan.

Based on MWG-Biotech's Oligo Set technology, and using the co-branding "MWG Inside" for the microarrays, this could be one of many additional microarray projects between the two companies.

"The cooperation with MWG Biotech will greatly enhance our microarray product line," said Masayuki Yamada, Managing Director of HSW. "Our expertise to produce the high grade microarray with MWG's oligonucleotide technology allows us to secure a strong position in the market."

Oligo sets are kits of oligonucleotides designed at MWG Biotech to represent specific genes on a microarray. Using their proprietary bioinformatics tools MWG Biotech is able to create 100 per cent gene specific oligos, enabling microarrays to be produced in the company's 1 oligo/1 gene group method. Initially, HSW will use MWG Biotech's Oligo Sets of the complete genomes of man and of the mouse for their range of microarrays.

"We are very pleased with this cooperation contract," added Thomas Becker, CEO/CFO of MWG Biotech. "It clearly is a strong expression of mutual trust and the positive experience we have had in this cooperation."