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GSK planning to reduce US sales force

Last updated on 10-Nov-2008 at 14:23 GMT


UK drug major GSK is cutting approximately 1,000 US sales jobs by the end of 2008 as it reorganizes to compete in the increasingly tough pharmaceutical market.

Speaking at GSK’s Q3 results presentation, CEO Andrew Witty said he “was looking at all aspects of Glaxo's US operations, including the sales team,” adding that he “was not convinced that the current model, based on very frequent sales pitches to doctors, was sustainable.”

The company has already reduced its R&D workforce by 1,200 this year in a bid to reshape for the changing drug market and keep in step with moves made by many other big pharma firms.

A GSK spokesperson declined to comment on the speculation but added that the firm would be making a formal announcement in the near future.

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