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China clamps down on illegal drug adverts


China clamps down on illegal drug adverts

"Church brand Chihpen Tianyun capsule”,“wind pain Kang membrane ball” and “brain Xuesaitong pill” are just three of the ‘drug’ products named and shamed by China’s SFDA in a clampdown on illegal advertising.

The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) posted summary of announcements of illegal Drug, medical device and health food Advertisements  observed during the quarter on its website earlier this month.

The industry regulator reported that of the 51,786 adverts for drugs and 23,769 for medical devices and health foods it has investigated since August some 6,102 have been deemed illegal. It also said that it revoked advertising rights from five of the companies involved and ordered a further 82 to suspend sales.

The list of offenders includes:

Liaoning the Huayuan Tianli Pharmaceutical

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Heilongjiang the Thai Pharmaceutical Co

Xishuangbanna the Banna Pharmaceutical Co

Ringgit drug research Co

Harbin same Tang Pharmaceutical Co

Liaoning Huaxin Pharmaceutical Co

Qingdao Wu Longsheng Biological Technology Co

Chengdu, animal husbandry wind biotechnology Co

Wuhan Hall of Biological Science and Technology Co

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