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BIO 2016

Commissioner Califf commits to tackling staffing issues at US FDA

23-Jun-2016 - Automated systems and reducing hiring time will be crucial in revamping the US FDA’s “antiquated” HR systems, says Commissioner Robert Califf.

India to rewrite 75-year old drug laws with an eye on business, biologics and devices

23-Jun-2016 - India has withdrawn a proposed amendment to its drug laws after deciding a more extensive rewrite is needed to allow the effective regulation of biologics, regenerative medicines and clinical trials.


Three drug wholesalers have failed GDP checks according to Czech regulator

22-Jun-2016 - Czech regulators say three drug wholesalers have “seriously violated” good distribution practices (GDP) guidelines.

Opko extended-release kidney disease drug approved after Catalent 483 delay

22-Jun-2016 - The US FDA has approved Opko Health’s kidney disease drug Rayaldee, delayed by almost three months due to manufacturing concerns at its CMO Catalent.

Scancell stops dosing in long-term trial of cancer vaccine SCIB1

21-Jun-2016 - Scancell Holdings has stopped dosing in a long-term extension arm of a trial of its cancer vaccine SCIB1 after discovering the product is no longer within original specification.

Comparing and FDA review for accuracy and completeness

20-Jun-2016 - Clinical trial sponsors are required by law to report results to; however it’s not clear if these posts are complete and accurate.

News in brief

Cheryl Laboratories added to US FDA "Red List" after refusing to allow inspection

20-Jun-2016 - The US FDA has drug manufacturer Cheryl Laboratories from shipping products to the US after the CMO stopped inspectors from visiting its facility in Navi Mumbai, India.

News in brief

CDSCO working on new Drug and Cosmetics Act; calls for input

16-Jun-2016 - Indian regulator CDSCO is developing a new Drug and Cosmetics Act that is more in keeping with the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Austin Biotechnology hit with US FDA warning at Taipei facility

15-Jun-2016 - The Taiwanese drugmaker stopped shipping products to the US after an FDA inspection but failed to commit to corrective actions, states a warning letter published this week.


Prosecutors examining fatal BIA-10-2474 trial start manslaughter investigation

14-Jun-2016 - French authorities have started a manslaughter investigation in connection with a Ph I trial  conducted by Rennes-based CRO Biotrial in which one volunteer died and five others were hospitalised.

CDSCO renews API firms' 'written confirmations' days after industry raises trade concerns

13-Jun-2016 - CDSCO has renewed a number of API firms’ ‘written confirmation’ documents – which are needed to ship to Europe – days after an industry group called for renewals without re-inspection citing trade concerns.


MHRA says Akums' cannot prove progesterone made at Hardiwar plant is sterile

13-Jun-2016 - The UK MHRA has identified GMP deficiencies at an Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals facility in India that was being lined up to make progesterone for Nordic Pharma.

BIO 2016

Califf: New FDA guidance to ensure all drug info is available to patients

13-Jun-2016 - Expect industry guidance on product communication soon says US FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, though a more pragmatic approach to social media will be taken.

Dispatches from BIO 2016

Who defines value? Quintiles talks changing reimbursement landscape

09-Jun-2016 - With the emergence of the empowered patient, the reimbursement landscape is shifting and stakeholders must navigate who really holds the power – and how this changes the definition of value.


US FDA Commissioner Califf calls on industry to tackle supply chain quality issues

09-Jun-2016 - Risk algorithms and international agreements will help ensure imported API quality, says FDA Commissioner Robert Califf but industry must also take responsibility for its own supply chain.


TTIP negotiators mull end of duplicate US, EMA facility inspections

08-Jun-2016 - Parties negotiating TTIP have discussed measures that would end EMA API and drug manufacturing plant inspections in the US and FDA inspections in Europe.

Teva confirms it halted production at Hungary injectables plant in January

08-Jun-2016 - Teva has confirmed it stopped making all but two sterile injectable drugs at its plant in Godollo, Hungary in January after a US FDA inspection.

EMA portal will make EU more attractive for drug research says EUCROF

07-Jun-2016 - The EU will be a more attractive place to test drugs when the EMA clinical trial portal goes live in 2018 according to industry group EUCROF.

EMA working on Ph I concept paper after death in Biotrial BIA 10 2074 study

06-Jun-2016 - A revised concept paper on first-in-human trials will be ready next month according to the EMA which is reviewing the French Phase I trial in which one volunteer died in January.

GSK's real-world Relvar trial called for 'game changing' tech says North West e-Health

02-Jun-2016 - A real-world trial of GSK's Relvar has prompted the development of a ‘game-changing’ database linking and tracking tech according to North West e-Health.

Exclusion lists challenging drug developers

01-Jun-2016 - Rising drug prices and the subsequent increasing number of drugs ineligible for reimbursement will challenge drug developers to provide clinical superiority evidence.

NGO questions drug industry backing of G7 antibiotic preservation pledge

01-Jun-2016 - Industry backing for a G7 plan to preserve antibiotics is at odds with current marketing practices says an NGO calling for a clamp down on campaigns that promote overuse.

Monsanto bid may mean Bayer will cut pharma R&D spending, says analyst

31-May-2016 - The proposed $62bn merger with agrochemical firm Monsanto would jeopardise Bayer’s pharmaceutical business, according to a BMI Research analyst.

Europe OKs Samsung Bioepis’ Remicade biosimilar Flixabi

31-May-2016 - The European Commission (EC) has approved Samsung Bioepis’ Remicade (infliximab) biosimilar.

US FDA warns CordenPharma about Italian antibiotic API and cancer injectables plant

30-May-2016 - The US FDA was warned CordenPharma about manufacturing operations at a plant in Italy that was approved to make injectable cancer drugs last year.

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