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Improving Productivity Through Innovation

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Improving Productivity Through Innovation

Spray coatings of ethylcellulose for sustained drug release on multi-particulate dosage forms is common in the pharmaceutical industry, but can be disadvantageous because of long process times, need for organic solvent capabilities, and particulate agglomeration.

Using a rotor process technology, ethylcellulose can be applied to drug layered beads as a dry powder; enabling the user to achieve high levels of weight gain in a short period of time while still demonstrating sustained release.

Information will be presented comparing performance and productivity to traditional solvent-based Wurster coating and aqueous-based Wurster coating.


  • Nick Grasman

    Nick Grasman

    Application Scientist

    Dow Pharma Solutions

  • Raxit Mehta

    Raxit Mehta

    Senior Product Development Scientist


  • Shawn Engels

    Shawn Engels

    Senior Process Development Scientist

    Freund Vector