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How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability / Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case study - BASF SE

26-Mar-2014 - How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailabilityPolymers are essential components of oral solid dosage forms and used as binders, disintegrants or coatings. Given the increase in poorly water-soluble drugs, not only well-known but also specifically designed polymers (e.g. Soluplus®) can be used...
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Role of excipients in design of solid amorphous drug dispersions for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs - Ashland

10-Mar-2014 - Most new drug candidates suffer from poor water- solubility leading to rate limiting dissolution, slow absorption and limited bioavailability. Solid amorphous drug dispersions are most commonly used improve bioavailability by enhancing drug solubility. The selection of the right solid dispersion...
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PharmaCote® CT, Unique Anti-stick Punch Coating - I Holland Limited

01-Mar-2014 - I Holland's exclusive surface treatment generates a superb anti-stick tip face for tablet production. With a hardness value of 2000 HV PharmaCote® CT has excellent wear resistance. It also showed good corrosion resistance in intensive salt spray tests, offering a...
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Solving your sticking problems with Tabletting Science - I Holland Limited

09-Jan-2014 - This webinar looks at why tablet formulations stick to punch tip faces and how to overcome sticking using punch coatings. We will highlight to tablet manufacturers how quickly a solution can be recommended using I Holland's new TSAR model.
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Embedding Q and R Practice in Pharma Ingredient Manufacture - Corbion Purac

09-Dec-2013 - A growing amount of Q&R applies to creating pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical manufacturers prefer ingredients developed with compliance that exceeds legal requirements. As the Q&R landscape evolves and its complexity deepens, it becomes increasingly challenging for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers to achieve a...
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NEOBEE® MCTs Enhance Pharmaceutical Bioavailability - Stepan Lipid Nutrition

04-Nov-2013 - An efficient solvent for many lipophylic drugs and vitamins, NEOBEE® MCTs emulsify in aqueous environments and help uptake in intestinal cells. They are odorless, tasteless and extremely stable and offer a safe, versatile, affordable and simple solution for many bioavailability...
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New Guidelines for Stabilization of Proteins by Freeze Drying: Formulation and Process Heresy - Baxter

17-Oct-2013 - Over the years a number of informal guidelines or “rules” for the formulation and processing of proteins for freeze-drying have been developed. However, in recent years it has become obvious that some of these rules need modification. In this presentation,...
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Rexam’s new child-resistant ophthalmic and nasal closure : continuing many decades of innovative child-resistant drug packaging - Rexam Healthcare

15-Oct-2013 - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires child-resistant (CR) packaging for all products containing imidazolines (vasoconstrictor drugs). All prescription and OTC medications with 0.08 mg or more of imidazolines are impacted. The new regulation will be applicable in December...
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Improving API Stability with Increased Excipient Purity - Croda

14-Oct-2013 - Sensitive or unstable APIs can pose formulating challenges when it comes to ensuring their consistent and safe delivery.  Data indicate that the purity level of an excipient can have a notable influence on the stability of pharmaceutical actives.
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Enhancing Solubility Using Lipid-based Formulation Technology - Capsugel

05-Sep-2013 - Lipid-based formulations (LBF) have become a well-established strategy to improve bioavailability and reduce food effect or variability of poorly soluble compounds. Although awareness of LBF technologies is widespread, systematic science-based formulation approaches are not common. Capsugel's Dosage Form Solutions' team...
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Enhancing Actives Delivery for Optimal Formulation Efficacy - Croda

05-Aug-2013 - Excipients designed to enhance skin penetration can maximize the efficacy of topical formulations.  Through lipid disruption and skin polarity modification, topical penetration enhancers allow for more targeted API delivery.  Fill out the form for more information
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Good Tablet Design - Its impact upon tooling performance, anti-counterfeiting and your brand - I Holland Limited

24-Jun-2013 - This webinar will look at why good tablet design is important and how this can help to eliminate potential tablet making problems. We will examine how marketing / branding can be affected if the demands of tooling performance are not considered
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How a punch and die maintenance SOP improves your profitability and productivity - I Holland Limited

21-Jan-2013 - Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items. I Holland believe that because they are replaceable, they shouldn't be viewed as disposable.  This webinar will explore how a professional maintenance SOP can increase your profitability 
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Candurin® pearl effect colors: Excellent compatibility with different pharmaceutical film coatings - Merck KGaA

14-Nov-2012 - New studies on the use of Candurin® pearl effect colors in pharmaceutical film coatings were conducted by Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany.According to the results, Candurin® did not exhibit any negative influence on the coating functionality, such as disintegration time...
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Lyophilized Pharmaceuticals: A Design Space Approach to Formulation and Process Development - Baxter

09-Aug-2012 - This webinar will discuss development of design spaces for lyophilized pharmaceutical products in the context of the Quality by Design regulatory paradigm.  Steven Nail, PhD, principal scientist at Baxter’s Lyophilization Center of Excellence with extensive expertise in the field, presents...
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Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D: Active Protection - BASF SE

16-Apr-2012 - Many solid oral dosage forms call for effective taste masking and moisture protection, especially for ODT formulations. Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D, an aqueous film-forming agent, delivers on both counts and is easy to process. Find out more here.
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Worried about the Stability of Your Solid Dispersions? Incorporate Neusilin® - Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20-Oct-2011 - A significant amount of knowledge accumulated on solid dispersion have not really been converted to commercial success as stability of amorphous solid dispersion remains one of the critical bottle necks. Incorporating Neusilin® in solid dispersion could be your gateway to...
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Direct tablet compression – the new option for applying Candurin® pearl effect colors - Merck KGaA

26-May-2011 - New studies on direct compression have been conducted with the mineral Candurin® pearl effect colors and Parteck® ODT and Parteck® SI functional ready-to-use excipients. According to the results, these inert excipients are perfectly compatible. Candurin® exhibited no influence on compression...
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Why A Global Tablet Tooling Standard Matters - I Holland Limited

27-Apr-2011 - The benefit of tooling standardisation in the tablet manufacturing industry is a topic that has concerned tabletting professionals for decades. I Holland, authors of ‘The Eurostandard’, the most widely adopted tooling standard globally, have been striving to promote a consensus...
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Application of QbD Principles to METHOCEL™ Extended Release Matrices - Colorcon

23-Mar-2011 - Learn how to apply QbD principles to the development of robust, extended release tablets. This webinar includes a case study on the influence of hydroxypropoxyl (HP) substitution, viscosity, and particle size on performance, and insights on how to manage the...

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