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The Solid Dose, Latest News from Colorcon - Colorcon Inc.

16-Feb-2015 - With a commitment to serve customers through product and service excellence, Colorcon’s Solid Dose newsletter brings you information to help make a positive contribution towards the quality of your products. Published 3 or 4 times a year, the Solid Dose...
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I Holland: Sharing our knowledge and experience - I Holland Limited

01-Feb-2015 - Maintenance training, seminars, our 7 Step Audit SOP and live webinars are a just few of the training opportunities I Holland have to offer. Click to find out more about the different courses we have available and how they can...
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Enabling Taste Masking with Lipid Multiparticulate and Osmotic Bursting Technology - Capsugel

08-Jan-2015 - Taste is an important parameter governing compliance with oral dosage forms, affecting a variety of patient cohorts. Many active ingredients have bitter taste; hence effective taste masking via smart formulation design can translate into improved compliance and overall therapeutic value for patients. This...
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Customized Biosimilarity Analytical Testing from Catalent - Catalent

26-Jan-2015 - Assessment of biosimilar molecules requires an orthogonal analytical approach.  Any one particular analytical technique is not able to fully define the physical and biological characteristics of the original biotherapeutic or its potential biosimilar.  Instead, a panel of analytical techniques must...
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OptiPact™ Technology Introduced by Catalent - Catalent

19-Jan-2015 - Catalent Pharma Solutions, the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products, has announced the launch of OptiPact™, an integrated service and technology offer based on the company’s expertise in roller...
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Sticking Problems with Tabletting Science - I Holland Limited

01-Dec-2014 - TSAR≈PREDICT accurately forecasts the correct anti-stick PharmaCote® coating solution for your formulation. It calculates single particle adhesion to the punch tip face without time consuming and expensive field trials.
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Inhalation Drugs in Capsule based Inhaler Systems: Optimizing DPI capsules on Formulation- Capsule-Device Interactions - Capsugel

29-Oct-2014 - Dry Powder Inhalation (DPI) is a leading drug delivery technology for the treatment of respiratory diseases, as well as increasingly for systemic drug delivery. Optimizing a DPI capsule is not an easy task; understanding the relationship between the device, formulation...
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BASF Pharma solutions for Orally Disintegrating Tablets - BASF SE

25-Sep-2014 - ODTs are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. For the consumer or patient, they offer a much more convenient administration, while healthcare companies can use them to differentiate their offer by creating line extensions.In this webinar you will learn about...
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Novel solutions for pediatrics and patients with swallowing difficulties - Capsugel

08-Sep-2014 - To overcome the many challenges associated with pediatric and patient-centric drug development, Capsugel is offering a new generation of technologies for product development that combines the benefits and flexibility of multi-particulate formulations, lipid-based technologies, and capsule delivery. Proprietary Lipid Multi-Particulate...
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Increase tablet production with multi-tip tooling. - I Holland Limited

28-Aug-2014 - During this webinar we will look at what multi-tipped tooling can do for your tableting operation, the considerations that must be taken into account before implementing multi-tipped tooling, the different types of multi-tipped tooling available and how to effectively install...
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Punchline – Latest news from I Holland - I Holland Limited

01-Aug-2014 - Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of PunchLine, I Holland’s newsletter for tablet manufacturing professionals. This issue sees us conclude our TSAR (Tabletting Science Anti-Stick Research) project with an interview by R&D Manager Rob Blanchard for European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine....
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It’s True: Correct Use Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Really Can Reduce Cleaning Time By More Than 50% - I Holland Limited

01-Jul-2014 - The Raybond company, located in Saint Louis (France), specialises in bonding solutions that are mainly used to secure fastenings on windows and windscreens in cars. These adhesives are produced in a tablet form which is then inserted into a gun...
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A better understanding on gelatin cross-linking: causes, control strategy and regulatory approaches - Procaps S.A.

30-May-2014 - Gelatin is a water-soluble protein material that is extensively used in several applications, including food, pharmaceutical and photography, among others. In the pharmaceutical field it is mainly used for manufacturing of hard and soft capsules, gelatin coated tablets and in...
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Do you have spores? - Steris

27-May-2014 - Trending analysis of cleanroom environmental monitoring data sometimes shows the presence of spores. These undesirable microbes must be eradicated quickly to reduce the risk to the product being manufactured. When spore formers like the highly resistant “bacillus Cereus or subtilis”...
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Smart strategies for sustained release matrix tablets: Compritol® 888 ATO - Gattefossé Pharma

19-May-2014 - This white paper gives an overview of how Compritol® 888 ATO provides clinically relevant sustained drug release profiles along with biopharmaceutical, formulation and manufacturing advantages.We provide an insight on formulation critical attributes, how Compritol® can be used in a range...
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Bioenhancement: Lipid/Liquid Formulation Scale-Up - Capsugel

14-May-2014 - Lipid-based formulations can provide unparalleled increased bioavailability, and the technology for filling and sealing these formulations in capsules has been optimized. This webinar showcases key considerations (including case studies) required to take these products from feasibility to commercialization.
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Excipients for Multilayer Tablets - JRS PHARMA LP

07-May-2014 - Multi-layered tablets bring together differently formulated powder mixtures, which typically contain different APIs, into a single tablet with two or more layers. They offer benefits for overcoming API-API interactions and stability issues, tailoring dissolution profiles, and bringing brand recognition to...
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‘TSAR≈Predict’ Solves Sticking Problems in Hours - I Holland Limited

02-May-2014 - ‘TSAR≈Predict’ is a revolutionary new service which will put an end to time consuming and expensive field trials by offering a solution to stop tablet tooling sticking problems. TSAR≈Predict was born after the completion a two year TSAR (Tabletting Science...
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PharmaCare® 7 Step Audit and Standard Operating Procedure - I Holland Limited

01-May-2014 - Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items but I Holland believe that just because they are replaceable they shouldn’t be viewed as disposable. We believe that well maintained and carefully stored tools will improve your profitability and the...
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How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability / Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case study - BASF SE

26-Mar-2014 - How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailabilityPolymers are essential components of oral solid dosage forms and used as binders, disintegrants or coatings. Given the increase in poorly water-soluble drugs, not only well-known but also specifically designed polymers (e.g. Soluplus®) can be used...

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