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Stable Micro Systems

Stable Micro Systems

Stable Micro Systems designs and manufactures texture analysers for use throughout the food industry. The company’s innovative equipment enables manufacturers to create highly appealing foods by analysing key textural characteristics, including firmness, softness, crispiness, fracturability and viscosity.
With a product range comprising everything from rigs and probes to analysis software, Stable Micro Systems’ products are used across many sectors of the food industry including:

• Bakery
• Cereals
• Confectionery
• Dairy
• Fruit and vegetables
• Fish and meat
• Snacks

A dedicated team of designers and engineers has been built up to provide customers with outstanding expertise and technical support. Distributed in the UK by its own sales force, Stable Micro Systems’ products are available on every continent through a network of hand-picked distributors and agents, who have been trained in all the major applications of the instruments.

Stable Micro Systems was established in 1987 and is a pioneer in the field of texture analysis instrumentation. Its ethos is one of constant improvement and this drives the company’s development of innovative instruments, attachments and software. With headquarters near London (UK), the company has, from the outset, been at the forefront of innovation and technological development.

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