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Customized Biosimilarity Analytical Testing from Catalent - Catalent

26-Jan-2015 - Assessment of biosimilar molecules requires an orthogonal analytical approach.  Any one particular analytical technique is not able to fully define the physical and biological characteristics of the original biotherapeutic or its potential biosimilar.  Instead, a panel of analytical techniques must...
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OptiPact™ Technology Introduced by Catalent - Catalent

19-Jan-2015 - Catalent Pharma Solutions, the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products, has announced the launch of OptiPact™, an integrated service and technology offer based on the company’s expertise in roller...
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Online Cell Density Monitoring - Hamilton Bonaduz AG

30-Sep-2014 - Today biological process development relies on labor intensive sampling and offline measurements that lack the necessary granularity to fully optimize the yield. Online monitoring of the cell density provides continuous cell data required to optimize control and yield beyond what...
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25-Sep-2014 - Advances in barrier technology applications: a case study on innovative solutions for driving costs down while increasing isolator performance and aseptic processing quality.IMA LIFE’s experts illustrate how to maintain an atmosphere with a 100% Nitrogen level inside the isolator: this produces...
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Single-Use Practices for Cleanroom Fluid Transfer - AdvantaPure®

22-Sep-2014 - Pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers must transfer fluids from room to room quickly with maximum productivity and minimal effort and expense. By incorporating Single-Use components and practices, speed and efficiency can be increased while contamination risks are decreased. The cleanroom environments...
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Need help to bring insoluble APIs to the market? - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

08-Sep-2014 - New AFFINISOL™ HPMC HME - Dow has designed a new generation of this cellulosic polymer which maintains the crystallization inhibiting properties of traditional HPMC, but can be extruded over a wide temperature range without the use of plasticizers. Thanks to...
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Increase tablet production with multi-tip tooling. - I Holland Limited

28-Aug-2014 - During this webinar we will look at what multi-tipped tooling can do for your tableting operation, the considerations that must be taken into account before implementing multi-tipped tooling, the different types of multi-tipped tooling available and how to effectively install...
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Nondestructive, single tablet analysis - Metrohm – customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

16-Jun-2014 - NIRS Spectroscopy allows rapid (<30 s) and nondestructive screening of solid dosage forms. It requires neither sample preparation nor solvent use. Interferences that derive from scattering are minimized by converting to second-derivative spectra.
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Developing textures with DC Polyols - Roquette

16-Jun-2014 - Different methodologies for assessing the texture and organoleptic properties of chewable polyols-based tablets.
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Ten Tips for Single-Use Pharma Tubing Selection - AdvantaPure®

02-Jun-2014 - Tubing used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications has particular requirements. Among them are the ability to withstand sterilization processes, the delivery of favorable test results regarding extractables and leachables, and the absence of animal-derived ingredients. These industries also have tubing...
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Do you have spores? - Steris

27-May-2014 - Trending analysis of cleanroom environmental monitoring data sometimes shows the presence of spores. These undesirable microbes must be eradicated quickly to reduce the risk to the product being manufactured. When spore formers like the highly resistant “bacillus Cereus or subtilis”...
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Industry leading titers of protein in E.coli - Fujifilm

26-May-2014 - The development of large scale E. coli expression systems can be rate limiting in process development.  Fujifilm's pAVEway™ system combines innovative vector technology with platform fermentation processes to rapidly delivers industry leading titers.
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Near-infrared spectroscopy - Metrohm – customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry

01-May-2014 - NIRSystems Technology:  Improved productivity and faster quality control of starting materials, intermediates and final products. Learn more
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Validation, Qualification and Calibration - SGS

21-Apr-2014 - This white paper outlines outsourcing requirements for Validation, Qualification and Calibration activities in a pharmaceutical facility. These ongoing activities cover development, operation, and maintenance and must meet high quality standards.
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Rocket 4D Automatic Evaporation of Large Volumes - Genevac

11-Nov-2013 - Why stay trapped in the glassy world of production scale rotary evaporators when freedom is at hand. You can exchange the need for frequent monitoring of the evaporation process and worries about handling unwieldy 20-litre or 50-litre glass flasks for...
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NEOBEE® MCTs Enhance Pharmaceutical Bioavailability - Stepan Lipid Nutrition

04-Nov-2013 - An efficient solvent for many lipophylic drugs and vitamins, NEOBEE® MCTs emulsify in aqueous environments and help uptake in intestinal cells. They are odorless, tasteless and extremely stable and offer a safe, versatile, affordable and simple solution for many bioavailability...
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New Guidelines for Stabilization of Proteins by Freeze Drying: Formulation and Process Heresy - Baxter

17-Oct-2013 - Over the years a number of informal guidelines or “rules” for the formulation and processing of proteins for freeze-drying have been developed. However, in recent years it has become obvious that some of these rules need modification. In this presentation,...
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How to Simplify Virus Production Process Scale-Up? - ATMI Life Science

30-Sep-2013 - Discover how to efficiently scale-up vaccine manufacturing processes by moving from 2-D vessels to the Integrity® iCELLis® series of single-use fixed-bed bioreactors. Learn more about results achieved for several virus production process developments and how the fixed-bed design of the...
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Simpler and Faster Viral Vector Production Scale-Up - ATMI Life Science

23-Sep-2013 - Discover how to efficiently produce wild-type or recombinant viruses to be used as vaccines and human gene therapy vectors. Learn more about results achieved for the production of AAV and a paramyxovirus in the Integrity® iCELLis® bioreactor developed by ATMI...
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Using Validated Technology to Increase Assurance of Integrity and Sterility of Single-use Assemblies Immediately Before Use - ATMI Life Science

29-Aug-2013 - Single-use bioprocessing technologies raise persistent concerns about integrity. Sterility of the bag must be maintained in order to avoid contamination resulting in the discarding of the batch, after significant cost and effort.Discover a new highly-sensitive technology for detecting defects in...