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Croda Health Care

Croda Health Care is a long-established supplier to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, dermatological and animal health care markets across the globe. Croda offers a wide range of products including high performance excipients, solubilizers, plant and marine lipid concentrates, proteins and biopolymers.

Croda provides products with superior quality and purity through a proprietary manufacturing and purification process called Super Refining™. This process physically removes impurities from pharmaceutical excipients and nutritional oils without altering their fundamental structure in any way, thus yielding high quality products that meet the exacting requirements of the international Pharmacopoeia.

Croda's dedicated R&D teams pioneer new product developments for various therapeutic areas, including high purity lipids and surfactants for enhanced drug delivery, API stability and performance, Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acid concentrates for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, dermatological, immunological and neurological conditions and Medilan™ (medical grade lanolin) for the maintenance and repair of skin barrier function and for wound management.

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