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Lyophilisation Parameters to Eliminate Surface Cracks - Patheon Inc

02-Mar-2015 - Learn about the correlation between lyophilisation cycle parameters and cake morphology in a biosimilar product. The presence of cracks on the surface of the lyophilized product can be considered a defect in particular for some markets. See how analytical methods...
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Customized Biosimilarity Analytical Testing from Catalent - Catalent

26-Jan-2015 - Assessment of biosimilar molecules requires an orthogonal analytical approach.  Any one particular analytical technique is not able to fully define the physical and biological characteristics of the original biotherapeutic or its potential biosimilar.  Instead, a panel of analytical techniques must...
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OptiPact™ Technology Introduced by Catalent - Catalent

19-Jan-2015 - Catalent Pharma Solutions, the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products, has announced the launch of OptiPact™, an integrated service and technology offer based on the company’s expertise in roller...
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Solid Lipid Excipients: Born to be Extruded ! - Gattefossé Pharma

17-Nov-2014 - Functional excipients are critical to the successful application of HME to resolve formulation challenges. Whilst polymers show potential in both controlled release and in improving the solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble compounds they are not ideal materials for extrusion....
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Using texture analysis in regenerative medicine - Stable Micro Systems

03-Nov-2014 - Research in the field of regenerative medicine is progressing at a rapid pace. Download this free white paper to find out how texture analysis can help set quality control standards for the next generation of health care.
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A brief history of bioavailability - William Reed Business Media

30-Sep-2014 - Tablets have been around for almost 200 years. In this presentation we trace the history of their development, from the accidental invention of the sustained release pill through to the latest breakthroughs in bioavailability enhancement, this talk will take us...
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Maximize Excipient Purity to Optimize Efficacy - Croda

29-Sep-2014 - The purity of your excipient can have a profound impact on your formulation’s performance, affecting both the stability of the drug and the final formulation.  Croda’s Super Refined™ range offers the most highly-purified excipients available, providing the power of purity...
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BASF Pharma solutions for Orally Disintegrating Tablets - BASF SE

25-Sep-2014 - ODTs are becoming increasingly popular for various reasons. For the consumer or patient, they offer a much more convenient administration, while healthcare companies can use them to differentiate their offer by creating line extensions.In this webinar you will learn about...
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25-Sep-2014 - Advances in barrier technology applications: a case study on innovative solutions for driving costs down while increasing isolator performance and aseptic processing quality.IMA LIFE’s experts illustrate how to maintain an atmosphere with a 100% Nitrogen level inside the isolator: this produces...
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Bioavailability market dynamics - William Reed Business Media

23-Sep-2014 - How healthy is demand for bioavailability enhancement services? Is the growth of the generics sector driving the market or do innovative pharma firms determine the type of solubility solutions that are available.When biopharmaceutical are injected they are 100% bioavailable, but...
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BA Enhancement Series: Technology Selection - Bend Research

09-Sep-2014 - The majority of compounds in today’s development pipelines have properties requiring bioavailability enhancement to ensure that adequate exposure can be consistently obtained during preclinical and clinical assessment. These compounds must be paired with the right enabling technology for rapid progression. This...
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Mejores prácticas para superar los desafío de recubrimiento de capsulas blandas - BASF SE

30-Jul-2014 - Las cápsulas blandas se han convertido en una presentación farmacéutica cada vez más popular  para el suministro de productos farmacéuticos y suplementos dietéticos debido a su capacidad de atraer al consumidor. Sin embargo;  la aplicación de un recubrimiento funcional para...
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BASF Pharma Solutions for Dermal Drug Delivery - BASF SE

03-Jun-2014 - Transdermal drug delivery is an exciting and challenging area. How can skin permeation be improved? What is the key to drug solubilization in transdermal delivery systems? BASF's Skin Delivery platform seeks to provide understanding, solutions and materials for the delivery...
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Bioequivalence for Nasal Sprays : Importance of Device Performance - Rexam Healthcare

26-May-2014 - Because the efficacy of the drug depends upon the spray device’s ability to deliver a uniform dose as well as a reproducible droplet size and plume, the delivery system is a critical element for nasal spray performance. Rexam has established...
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Smart strategies for sustained release matrix tablets: Compritol® 888 ATO - Gattefossé Pharma

19-May-2014 - This white paper gives an overview of how Compritol® 888 ATO provides clinically relevant sustained drug release profiles along with biopharmaceutical, formulation and manufacturing advantages.We provide an insight on formulation critical attributes, how Compritol® can be used in a range...
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CREMER OLEO has become the holder of the first CEP ever granted for a Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MIGLYOL® 812 N). - CREMER OLEO GmbH & Co. KG

28-Apr-2014 - CREMER OLEO has gathered its activities for the pharmaceutical industry under the roof of CREMER Health, with a strong commitment to quality leadership in Oleoceuticals. Our pharmaceutical excipients for topical, oral and rectal applications as well as our oleo-chemical based active...
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How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailability / Enhanced oral bioavailability with Soluplus® – case study - BASF SE

26-Mar-2014 - How glass-forming polymers improve bioavailabilityPolymers are essential components of oral solid dosage forms and used as binders, disintegrants or coatings. Given the increase in poorly water-soluble drugs, not only well-known but also specifically designed polymers (e.g. Soluplus®) can be used...
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Film Coating for Taste-masking of an HIV Drug for Pediatrics - Colorcon Inc.

25-Mar-2014 - MSD evaluated several taste-masking options to coat raltegravir granules, for pediatric dosing.  They chose a coating comprised of Surelease®, aqueous ethylcellulose dispersion, in combination with an Opadry® product.  Insoluble in water, ethylcellulose acts as the taste-masking agent by delaying the...
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Dow AFFINISOL™ polymers for Solubility Enhancement - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

12-Mar-2014 - Dow’s AFFINISOL™ line of excipients include AFFINISOL™ HMPCAS for spray drying applications and AFFINISOL™ HPMC for hot melt extrusion (HME) applications. Hypromellose acetate succinate (HPMCAS) has proven effective at producing stable amorphous solid dispersions for poorly soluble APIs. We will highlight: •...
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Role of excipients in design of solid amorphous drug dispersions for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs - Ashland

10-Mar-2014 - Most new drug candidates suffer from poor water- solubility leading to rate limiting dissolution, slow absorption and limited bioavailability. Solid amorphous drug dispersions are most commonly used improve bioavailability by enhancing drug solubility. The selection of the right solid dispersion...

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