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Amine goldmine: BASF commits to new plant citing growing demand

16-Apr-2014 - The amines market will grow 5% over the next decade according to BASF, which cited rising drugmaker demand as a key driver for its investment in a new German plant.

Acura pays Pfizer $2m to buy back anti-abuse tech and relaunch Oxecta drug

15-Apr-2014 - Acura has reacquired the rights to its opioid abuse-deterrent technology from Pfizer and is looking for pharma partners to relaunch its oxycodone HCL drug Oxecta.

Pfizer, Novartis developing MenB vaccines to combat new strain

09-Apr-2014 - Recent outbreaks of a strain of meningitis, known as “serogroup B” or “MenB”, on US college campuses have caused both Pfizer and Novartis to develop new vaccines. 

Fiocruz to help make pediatric formulation of bitter schistosomiasis drug

08-Apr-2014 - A consortium developing treatments for children infected by parasitic worms has signed up Brazilian drugmaker Fiocruz as a formulation and manufacturing partner to support upcoming clinical trials.

Two giant leaps for MannKind? US approval nod good for delivery tech too

02-Apr-2014 - A US FDA review panel has recommended that Afrezza be approved and concluded that the technology used to deliver MannKind's inhalable insulin does not damage airways or lung cells.

Lupin: Mexican buy a bridgehead to generics and API growth

01-Apr-2014 - Lupin has bought Mexican eye drugmaker Grin in a deal that gives it a “bridgehead” to grow its API and generics business in the region.

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Baxter to continue to grow manufacturing network in pharma spin-out

31-Mar-2014 - Baxter says it will spin out its pharma business to form two separate companies by 2015.


Goodwin and Aspyrian team to deliver cancer-killing drugs by infrared light

27-Mar-2014 - ADC-makers could avoid using costly cytotoxics in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by using near‐infrared (NIR) light to activate targeted cell-killing payloads, says Goodwin who has team up with Aspyrian Therapeutics.

US FDA issues new bioavailability guidelines

25-Mar-2014 - The US FDA has published guidance of how sponsors should best document the bioavailability of products for investigational new drug applications (INDs) and new drug applications (NDAs).

Bioavailability breakthrough key to new cancer drug OKed in Japan

24-Mar-2014 - Japan has become the first country to approve a new cancer pill that treats disease by interfering with DNA replication in tumour cells.

Bioavailability Breakthrough: Aegis’ enhancement tech works in pill form

19-Mar-2014 - Aegis Therapeutics claims a technology developed to improve the bioavailability of drugs delivered through the nose has a similar solubility enhancement effect in a solid dosage form.

Novo Nordisk buys rights to Caisson’s drug-extending biotech

18-Mar-2014 - Caisson Biotech has licensed its drug-extending technology for injectables to Novo Nordisk.

Opportunities outweigh risks in China, says Eli Lilly

17-Mar-2014 - Eli Lilly says the opportunities in China outweigh any perceived challenges as it begins a $70m expansion of its manufacturing joint venture.

Pfizer invests in Indonesian solid dose facility

11-Mar-2014 - Pfizer’s $3.5m expansion of an Indonesian solid oral dose plant will increase capacity by 76%, the company says.

Anti-addiction formulation of super-strong opioid unclear

05-Mar-2014 - Addiction doctors have petitioned the US FDA to prevent Zohydro ER, the first single-entity hydrocodone painkiller, hitting the market this month citing its potential for abuse. Its maker, Zogenix, has been tight-lipped on whether the drug’s formulation uses anti-abuse technology.

Europe slow to adopt anti-abuse formulations and tech, says expert

27-Feb-2014 - European regulators have been accused of making “no attempt” to counter misuse of prescription drugs in comparison with North American efforts to reformulate and restrict addictive drugs, according to a Canadian firm testing the abuse potential of medicines.

Cellceutix hires Dr. Reddy’s to formulate candidate eye drug

26-Feb-2014 - Cellceutix has selected Dr. Reddy’s Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) for the formulation of its defensin mimetic drug Brilacidin for use in ophthalmic and otitis infections.

FDA re-evaluates 5-year NCE exclusivity to incentivize development of fixed-combo products

25-Feb-2014 - The US FDA on Monday announced in a draft guidance that it’s revising its historical interpretation of the 5-year NCE exclusivity provisions to further incentivize the development of certain fixed-combination products. 

Insulin pill tech can be used more widely says Oramed

18-Feb-2014 - Debate rages over the significance of safety data from a trial of Oramed’s oral insulin pill, but the firm is still confident in its delivery technology.


Actavis to acquire Forest labs in $25bn takeover

18-Feb-2014 - Actavis has confirmed it will acquire Forest Laboratories in a deal worth up to $25bn (€18bn) following rumours last night.

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