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Rouble trouble: Big Pharma exposure to Russian currency volatility limited

17-Dec-2014 - Big Pharma firms’ exposure to Russia’s volatile rouble is limited and planned manufacturing investments will go ahead according to observers.

In nano-rod we trust: magnetic pulse tech breakthrough for cancer drug delivery

17-Dec-2014 - A magnetic pulse technology that can align and push nanoparticles to points distant to magnet surfaces could finally make magnets attractive for deep tissue drug delivery according to researchers.

Sosei looks to $23bn peptide market with acquisition of tech firm Jitsubo

15-Dec-2014 - Sosei Group Corporation is looking to peptides to replenish its pipeline through the $70m acquisition of technology firm Jitsubo.

Merck & Co set to be superbug-busting superstar despite US Cubicin ruling, analyst

10-Dec-2014 - Cubist will give Merck & Co leadership of the antibiotics sector according to one analyst who says renewed interest expressed by GSK, Roche and Sanofi has not produced any Ph III candidates.

Axim to build Dutch facility for cannabinoid-based chewing gum drug

04-Dec-2014 - A company developing a pharmaceutical chewing gum containing cannabinoids extracted from marijuana has announced plans to build a manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

Investment in oral insulin firm could aid entry to lucrative China market

04-Dec-2014 - Oral insulin developer Oramed Pharmaceuticals is looking at China’s growing diabetes problem following a $5m investment from Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng.

EMA seeking drugmaker feedback on cyclodextrin and propylene glycol labelling plan

03-Dec-2014 - The EMA has called for feedback on plans to require drugmakers to state whether their drugs contain solubility-enhancing cyclodextrin excipients.

Novartis' flu vaccine in the clear over 19 deaths, says Italian regulators

02-Dec-2014 - Novartis’ seasonal flu vaccine Fluad has been deemed safe by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) after testing the two batches connected to over a dozen deaths.

Questions raised over new $2.6bn price tag to bring a new drug to market

19-Nov-2014 - The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development is out with a new study claiming that the average cost of bringing a new drug to market is around $2.6bn, though some are saying that number seems inflated.

Dispatches from the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference

Pipelines not tax cutting should prompt smaller pharma mergers says AstraZeneca exec

18-Nov-2014 - 2014 has seen record pharma M&A activity but top management of some of the key dealmakers – including Novartis, AstraZeneca and Shire – say size doesn’t always matter.

'Killer experiments' and reimbursement are the keys to VC backing says Index

17-Nov-2014 - Investors only back drug innovators because they have to according to Index Venture Management's Kevin Johnson, who says less risky 'first to be second' firms are much more attractive.

Big Pharma has improved access to meds since 2012 but marketing practices still a concern says AMF

17-Nov-2014 - Ongoing concerns about marketing practices have taken the shine of a report suggesting Big Pharma efforts have improved parients' access to drugs in developing countries over the past two years.


Ebola nasal vaccine under threat as funding runs dry

12-Nov-2014 - Lack of funding is threatening development of a nasal spray vaccine shown to provide long-term protection for non-human primates against the Ebola virus, the lead researcher told this publication in an exclusive interview.

Dispatches from AAPS 2014

BARDA: Ebola is “a bioterrorism threat”

06-Nov-2014 - BARDA, the US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, has revealed it sees Ebola “as a bioterrorism threat.”

Dispatches from AAPS

Encapsulating the problem? Machinery could save drugmakers up to $1m, says Capsugel

06-Nov-2014 - Using encapsulation machinery that is well serviced and appropriate to the type of powder being used can save drugmakers hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to Capsugel

Dispatches from AAPS

Inhaler delivered peptide could prevent LDC deaths during childbirth, says GSK

04-Nov-2014 - Inhaled delivery of the labour inducing peptide oxytocin could help prevent millions of deaths in the lesser-developed countries (LDC), according to a GSK scientist.

dispatches from AAPS

Breaking Ad: Can virus-delivered gene therapy help meth addicts quit?

04-Nov-2014 - Addicts struggling to kick a meth habit could be helped by gene therapy according to the team behind a US National Institutes of Health funded project.

AAPS 2014: Avoiding pharmageddon and pharma innovation discussed in San Diego

03-Nov-2014 -   [View the story "Cali-pharm-ia: Live from AAPS 2014" on Storify]

Life on Mars? Ground control to remotely deliver drugs in space

30-Oct-2014 - Animal astronauts on the International Space Station will test an implant which allows doctors back on earth to deliver drugs by remote control.

Oral influenza vaccine one step closer, says Vaxart

22-Oct-2014 - A seasonal flu vaccine taken in the form of an oral solid dose has been found comparable to currently available jabs, according to data presented by developer Vaxart.

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