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New nanotech excipient offers cheaper solubility option say scientists

22-Jul-2014 - Scientists in Sweden have developed a magnesium carbonate-based excipient they claim is a low-cost nanotech alternative to silica for drugmakers struggling to formulate insoluble APIs.

Seizure treatment “special” recalled in UK after packaging problems

17-Jul-2014 - Three batches of the seizure drug midazolam made by UK CMO Penn Pharma are being recalled over concerns that packaging problems may affect its concentration.

Hovione and Merrion team on solubility solutions

16-Jul-2014 - Hovione has teamed up with delivery tech developer Merrion Pharmaceuticals to provide developers of BCS class III and IV drugs with more solubility enhancement options.

Merck Millipore says Indian lab can boost generics quality

07-Jul-2014 - Merck Millipore, the life sciences tools division of Merck KGaA, has launched a solid dose formulation lab in India, its first outside Europe.

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Aarti Drugs considers formulations driven plant acqusition

07-Jul-2014 - Aarti Drugs has said it is considering buying an unnamed manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh, India to expand its drug formulations business

Afrezza approval: US FDA validation for Mannkind's drug and delivery tech

01-Jul-2014 - The US FDA approved Afrezza last weekend after deeming that the inhaled insulin drug and the dry powder delivery technology used to get it deep into the lungs is effective.

Abbott doubles down on Russian manufacturing with Veropharm purchase

01-Jul-2014 - With its purchase of Veropharm for up to $495m, Abbott is looking to tap into one of the largest Russian manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.

Oasmia's vitamin A excipient tech attract global pharma collaborator

26-Jun-2014 - Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB has teamed up with a “global pharmaceutical company” interested in its vitamin A-based nanoparticle formulation tech in a move that expands its business model to drug development partnering.

US FDA guidance widens ‘nanotechnology’ definition

25-Jun-2014 - The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it will consider products outside the nanoscale, up to 1,000 nanometres (nm), to involve nanotechnology and so be potentially liable for “particular examination.”  

Arecor and CPI team on biologics stability research project

17-Jun-2014 - Formulations that stop biopharmaceuticals being degraded by vials and syringes could help biopharmas avoid recalls and improve product shelf life says the UK team behind an industry focused research collaboration.

Mannkind preps Afrezza plant ahead of anticipated approval

16-Jun-2014 - Two billion cartridges of inhaled insulin drug Afrezza will be manufactured annually by Mannkind, the firm says as it awaits final approval next month.

Merck's $3.85bn HCV acq focused on 'valuable' nucleotide pipeline

10-Jun-2014 - Merck & Co. says the $3.85bn (€2.8bn) acquisition of Idenix will springboard its oral hepatitis C programme but according to an analyst is unlikely to threaten Gilead’s $1,000 pill Sovaldi.

ScinoPharm to manufacture API for TaiGen’s stem cell drug

10-Jun-2014 - ScinoPharm Taiwan on Monday signed a manufacturing and clinical supply contract with TaiGen Biotechnology to provide the API for Burixafor, a potential stem cell treatment. 

PK/PD principles could tackle antibiotic resistance with single injection

09-Jun-2014 - A single-dose of an investigational MRSA drug could be equivalent to a ten-day course of antibiotics due to the application of PK-PD principles in its design and optimization, The Medicines Company says.

Capsugel: New bioavailability enhancing capacity to fufill non-GMP demand

05-Jun-2014 - Capsugel has installed a commercial-scale dryer in its recently acquired Bend Research R&D facility, citing a rise in demand for non-GMP spray dried dispersion (SDD) services.

Nanomotors could help to deliver drugs faster, scientists say

29-May-2014 - Researchers in Texas have unveiled the fastest, smallest motor to date, which could pave the way for similar motors moving through the body to administer drugs or to target cancer cells.  

Configurable 'peptide locks' could help deliver antivirals, say scientists

29-May-2014 - US scientists have tinkered with a virus so that it opens its cargo doors only in the presence of certain enzymes that could be used to drop therapeutics precisely onto a target.   

R&D productivity: Drug approvals don’t tell the whole story

28-May-2014 - As the number of drug approvals declined between 2012 and 2013 by more than 30%, the value of new therapeutic agent approvals seems to indicate a stronger year than initially thought.

Semiconductor experiments look to control crystallisation

15-May-2014 - Experiments on semiconductors reveal a new way to study and control crystallisation. The discovery has relevance to pharmaceutical manufacturing as many drugs are made from small molecules that must crystallise in just the right way to have the proper effect.

Boehringer Ingelheim eyes growing Saudi market with local collaborations

06-May-2014 - Boehringer Ingelheim says the Saudi Arabian market is a huge drive for big pharma as it teams with local firms to manufacture secondary packaging for 26 products.

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