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Oramed inks China licensing deal for oral insulin candidate

30-Nov-2015 - Hefei will manufacture the API for Oramed's oral insulin tablet as part of a potential $50m licensing deal in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Pfizer-Allergan merger

‘Over 90%’ of industry thinks Pfizer will sell generics biz

30-Nov-2015 - Pfizer says it will decide in 2018 whether to split its generics and branded businesses but M&A experts are already predicting how the giant will get rid of its established drugs programme.

Teva tackles migraine through potential $400m Heptares collaboration

26-Nov-2015 - Teva has teamed with Heptares to develop and commercialise easily-deliverable small-molecule calcitonin gene-related peptide (GPCR) antagonists to treat migraine.

API sourcing leads US Gov to label Carlsbad's Acyclovir tablets as made in Asia

23-Nov-2015 - US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says the country of origin of Carlsbad Technology’s acyclovir is where the API is sourced, not the US where the tablets are made.

Laser delivery will allow painless, needle-less vaccines

19-Nov-2015 - A laser-based treatment will allow powdered vaccines to be delivered through the skin, scientists say.

Roche to exit four EU and US sites in small molecule network shake-up

16-Nov-2015 - Specialised drugs made using flexible technologies are the future for Roche’s small molecule portfolio, the firm says as it restructures its production network.

AZ halts Dr Reddy’s ‘purple pill’ generic; firm responds to FDA Letter

11-Nov-2015 - In the second setback for Dr Reddy’s within a week, the District Court of Delaware has granted a temporary restraining order preventing the company from selling esomeprazole, the generic version of AstraZeneca’s Nexium.

MannKind: Afrezza's slow start comparable to launch of Toyota Prius

10-Nov-2015 - MannKind says it is confident sales of its inhaled insulin product Afrezza - commercialised by Sanofi - will pick up after disappointing growth since launch.

Manganese-based catalyst to offer cost-effective drug properties enhancement

04-Nov-2015 - A manganese-based catalyst invented by chemists in Illinois could transform the solubility of drug candidates and improve their therapeutic properties.

GSK and Pfizer team up on continuous manufacturing project

03-Nov-2015 - Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have agreed to work together on the development of a new version of the former's continuous processing technology for oral solid dosage (OSD) drugs.

Malaria protein conjugate could deliver anti-cancer drugs, researcher

30-Oct-2015 - A protein in malaria could be used to deliver anti-cancer drugs to many types of tumours.

Engineered banana protein shows potential as potent antiviral

28-Oct-2015 - A team of researchers has modified a lectin protein found in bananas to diminish its inflammatory properties, potentially setting it on the path to use as an antiviral.

Irish researchers generate crystal structure for a PEGylated protein

28-Oct-2015 - Irish scientists have completed the most comprehensive structural study yet of a PEGylated protein, giving greater insight into how such molecules improve injectable therapies.

Immune cell binding nanoparticle could lead to new sepsis treatment

26-Oct-2015 - A nanoparticle that binds to immune cells in the body has been shown to tune down inflammation and offer a potential first-of-a-kind treatment for sepsis.  

Hovione to refurbish ex-generics plant for oral and inhalable formulation site

20-Oct-2015 - Hovione will spend $10m refurbishing a plant acquired from a Portuguese generics company to create an oral and inhalation formulation site.

CPhI Worldwide 2015

As it happened: CPhI Pharma Awards winners announced

14-Oct-2015 -   [View the story "2015 CPhI Pharma Awards winners" on Storify]

CPhI Worldwide 2015

If you want new excipients, regulate them, says BASF

13-Oct-2015 - A BASF expert is calling for an independent review body for new excipients to reassure wary drugmakers of their quality.

Live coverage of CPhI

The plaza to be: Medicine manufacturers meet in Madrid

12-Oct-2015 -   [View the story "Meds makers meet in Madrid " on Storify]

US FTC: 'Product-hopping' illegally impedes generic entry

07-Oct-2015 - The US Government is becoming increasingly critical of industry attempts to ward off competition through ‘product-hopping,’ an IP lawyer says.

Growing demand for vegetarian capsules despite their cost, says Capsugel

07-Oct-2015 - Capsugel has seen growing pharma demand for vegetarian capsules with formulation benefits outweighing the fact they cost more than gelatin.

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