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Biotherapeutics need general chapters not individual Ph. Eur. monographs says EGA

21-Oct-2014 - Generic drugmakers want biotherapeutic products to have general recommendations in the European Pharmacopoeia rather than individual monographs.

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Doctors ask for quick-dissolve meds to stop in-patient cheating

21-Oct-2014 - Patients receiving court-ordered treatment can be stopped from secretly spitting out their medicines by formulations which dissolve quickly in the mouth.

Deadly spider found in UK shopping could provide alternative to Viagra

21-Oct-2014 - Venom from a Brazilian Wandering Spider that ‘wandered’ into a UK household’s shopping basket could treat erectile dysfunction, according to scientists, in one example of drug ingredients being sourced from nature.

Quality probs and rising wages will see new API hubs replace China and India says analyst

20-Oct-2014 - Analysts predicting a second wave of global API hubs say it will be hard for manufacturers in Latin America, Ukraine and Taiwan to avoid the pitfalls that stymied former high growth sectors in Asia.

Canada issues licenses for critical drugs hit by Apotex/IPCA import alert

20-Oct-2014 - Over forty “necessary products” made at Apotex and IPCA facilities hit with an import alert can be sold in Canada after regulators took steps to prevent shortages.

Eli Lilly to sell PR plant due to patent expirations and shifting portfolio

20-Oct-2014 - Eli Lilly is set to close one of its Puerto Rican facilities as patent expirations and a shifting portfolio reduce its need for capacity.

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Big Pharmas and API suppliers eyeing Brazilian Government deals says EMS

16-Oct-2014 - Government contracts guaranteeing market share in Brazil are starting to attract innovators like Roche, Novartis and Sanofi and may see API suppliers get long-term work according to a spokesman for Sao Bernardo do Campo-based drugmaker, EMS.

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Food supplements are Europe's real counterfeit drug problem says AIFA expert

15-Oct-2014 - Drug active ingredients in food supplements are Europe’s real falsified medicines problem according to the head of AIFA’s counterfeit prevention team.

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Halal: accessing the untapped $30bn pharma market

13-Oct-2014 - The pharmaceutical industry must change its ingredients and manufacturing methods to cash in on the enormous purchasing power of European Muslims, says an expert.

Highly potent APIs: can lean manufacturing ever be safe?

09-Oct-2014 - The phrase “lean manufacturing” conjures up job cuts and not much more for many people, but managers can use the method to drastically simplify HPAPI (highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients) production, says an expert.

Share API audits or see quality slump, says Hovione

08-Oct-2014 - The sharing of audit reports for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is essential in order to help avert the global decline in quality, according to Hovione’s CEO.

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EDQM set to fight fakes and forge closer ties with EMA

07-Oct-2014 - Counterfeit drugs and collaboration will be key topics for the EDQM say delegates at the organisation's 50th anniversary conference on Monday.

Lonza goes with the Flow Chemistry with latest API platform

07-Oct-2014 - Lonza has launched an API-making platform that uses chemical microreaction technology for continuous processing.

Green chemistry makes 'cents' for cost-focused API firms says expert

07-Oct-2014 - Making drugs generates a huge amount of waste but industry is showing signs of cleaning up its act according to Paul Anastas, the Yale scientist who coined the phrase "green chemistry."

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Personalised meds to deliver bigger market for oral film technologies says expert

02-Oct-2014 - Flexible inkjet printing and personalized medicine will grow the market for orodispersible delivery technologies according to experts at a conference in Germany this week.

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Complex regs and unknown markets top API shippers' logistics headaches

02-Oct-2014 - The world is getting larger, at least it is in terms of the pharmaceutical industry, according to execs who cite security concerns when shipping to new markets as the top logistics worry.

Boehringer Ingelheim invests more than €100m to expand manufacturing capacity in Germany

02-Oct-2014 - Boehringer Ingelheim is investing more than €100m ($126m) at its Dortmund, Germany site to expand production capacity for its Respimat inhaler, which is the third time in the past four years that the company has made a capacity-expanding investment at the site.

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How green was my Valium? Not very, despite industry claims

01-Oct-2014 - Making active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is a dirty business and you’d have to be pretty green to believe claims drug industry 'demand' will create a $100bn market for environmentally-friendly production methods by 2020.

Strides Arcolab to leverage API business in Shasun acquisition

01-Oct-2014 - The acquisition of Shasun Pharmaceuticals will add API production and contracting services to Strides Arcolab, and according to Shasun’s CEO no jobs will be lost.


Consort Medical cites growing Bespak as driver for £230m Aesica acquisition

30-Sep-2014 - Consort Medical will buy UK contractor Aesica for £230m from Silverfleet Capital in a deal announced today.

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