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Tiny viscometer for process control


BiODE has launched a new viscometer that can carry out instantaneous sample and/or continuous in-process viscosity measurements - all in real time - for process control in the pharmaceutical and other industries.

The AVM3003 weighs just 4 ounces and has no moving parts, so it is very portable and can be moved around the processing environment. It collects data using a laptop with a software interface that provides simple control limit set up, notification alarms and data log functions for the tracking and analysis of all data allowing the operator to measure change in process parameters.

BiODE said that acquired data can easily be transferred to any Microsoft Windows application. The software is customisable depending on the user's needs, and can be integrated to control system platforms, it added.

The AVM3003 measures 1.3 inches x 1.1 inches x 0.4 inches and is hermetically sealed so it can be immersed in fluid streams for process control or can be used in lab environments. It also has integrated temperature measurement capability.


The product measures viscosity of fluid from 10 to 10,000 centipoise and rated for temperatures up to 135 degrees Centigrade in the standard package, with custom options and configurations available for specific industry applications and process environments.

The AVM3003 is factory calibrated and designed for challenging manufacturing environments to provide temperature and viscosity for a wide variety of chemicals.

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