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New tool for proteomics


Bruker Daltonics, a developer of life science tools, introduced a new research instrument for proteomics research at the laboratory science exhibition Pittcon, taking place in the US this week.

According to the company the APEX-Q hybrid Q-q-FTMS (Fourier transform mass spectrometer) - in development for over two years - represents the combination of both a Q-q- "front-end" and a high field FTMS magnet (9.4 or 12 Tesla). In addition, claims Bruker Daltonics, the combination increases the resolution and mass accuracy of FTMS by using the latest high-field magnet technology, while adding precursor mass selection and collision induced dissociation in a conventional Q-q "front end" for on-the-fly data-dependent MS/FTMS fragmentation, or selected accumulation of LC-separated protein digests.

Assistant vice president of Bruker Daltonics Paul Speir explained:"The very nature of the shot-gun approach to proteomic analysis is potentially very productive, yet presently very complex. Current efforts to implement the shot-gun strategy use multi-dimensional LC coupled to lower-resolution MS platforms.

We are confident that the combination of the unparalleled resolution (separation) and mass accuracy (selectivity) achieved with high-field FTMS, combined with rapid and efficient front-end fragmentation, will enable the protein researcher to reach the true potential of shot-gun proteomics. "

The APEX-Q also offers additional tools for the emerging top-down method for the detailed characterisation of proteins including post-translational modifications or polymorphisms.

Bruker Daltonics president and CEO Frank Laukien added : " The convergence of our hybrid front-end for FTMS, our proprietary magnets, and our new COMPASS software represents another enabling tool for rapid shot-gun proteomics and for the powerful top-down protein analysis approach that does not depend on enzymatic digestion as a precondition for protein sequence analysis."

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