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Merck Millipore expands sampling tech range for biomanufacturers


Merck Millipore expands sampling tech range for biomanufacturers

Merck Millipore – known as EMD Millipore in the US - has launched new sampling bottles and is targeting the biomanufacturing sector.

The new bottles – part of the NovaSeptum sterile bag and syringe range – feature a single-piece cap and an O-ring component that – according to Merck Millipore - protects product integrity and prevents product loss during sample collection and transport.

Mani Krishnan, Merck Millipore’s director of single-use processing systems – and former interviewee – said the bottles are “designed and qualified to meet the stringent processing needs of our biopharmaceutical customers.

The closed design ensures the product sample will be isolated from point of collection to analysis, helping to protect product while maintaining the integrity of the sample that is taken."

Millipore bought the NovaSeptum along with Swedish developer NovaSeptic in 2005.

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